Yours Truly

The average 16 year old girl Clara, has always been struggling making friends. She has never been one of the popular girs, and has only one really close friend. One day when she gets enough of school, she bumps into a charming young man, Harry Styles. Little did she know, that this boy could change her life completely..


6. Yeah..


Emilys P.O.V

I was just standing there, looking at them. I could tell by Clara’s face that she had totally forgotten that we were going shopping this morning. And, it really was Harry Styles. She didn’t lie when she had told me that they were going on a date. A part of me wanted to scream and fangirl, because he was standing right there! But then the smarter part of me, said that it was a bad idea, because it would embarrass Clara. "So um, should I just leave or?" I asked to break the awkward silence. "Eh-" Clara stared, but she was interrupted by Harry, who laid his arm on her shoulder. "No no, I'm leaving, just give me a minute" he said very sweetly, and smiled at me. I was freaking out, because I had been dying to meet him and the other boys for so long. They were all so damn good looking -especially Zayn. "I'll just wait outside" I managed to say and left the room. 

I felt really happy for Clara, but I had to admit, I was a little bit jealous. Since we where about 14, when One Direction got big, we had been fantasizing about her marrying Harry, and me marrying Zayn. Of course we had just been joking around, but it was insane that she actually had been on a date with him, and it looked like he had slept in her room. Oh god I was so thrilled for her!



Harrys P.O.V


As soon as Clara’s friend, I didn’t get her name, had left the room, I looked over at Clara, and into her sweet eyes. "Thanks for yesterday babe" I said and smiled at her. She giggled and blushed a little, properly because I called her babe. But she was a babe. When I first met her, I wasn’t really attracted to her. But after getting to know her, her personality was so amazing, it attracted me in a way, that made me get attracted to everything about her, which was a wonderful feeling. "I had a great time" I told her, and I had been telling her that very often. But it was true. 

I got out of her bed, flicked my hair a bit, and I was ready to go. I reached out, grabbed Clara and pulled her over to me. I hugged her goodbye, and kissed her on her cheek. Without saying anything, we walked hand in hand over to Clara’s friend, who impenitently leaned on the door, waiting for us. "Bye Clara, Bye.. What’s your name?" I asked Clara’s dark-haired friend. "E-Emily" She let out a small smile and shacked my hand. I walked out of the door, thinking about calling Louis, telling him about tonight. I decided not to do it, since I would rather see his face, than hear his voice through the phone.

It was weird, that I felt this way about her. It was a bit embarrassing, but it felt like I had a little crush on her. One of those silly teenage crushes, were you simply thought everything they did was amazing. I couldn’t see anything bad about her, which reminded me, Twitter. The place where you get so much love, but also so much hate. I decided to check my twitter, because it was some days since I last was on. As soon as I clicked on "Connections" I knew what was coming. "Harry follow me!" "I hate you your gay" "It’s my birthday, please RT" and so on. Not bothering answering any of them, I just updated: "Hey! Hows everyone? x" It didn’t even take more than 5 minutes before I was spammed by thousand of girls tweeting me back. I noticed this one girl, who asked me how I was. It was nice of her to ask, so I replied her knowing it would make her really happy. "I’m wonderful! x" 

I got loads of tweets asking why I was so happy, and I knew it would lead to a thing I really hated. Rumors.

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