Yours Truly

The average 16 year old girl Clara, has always been struggling making friends. She has never been one of the popular girs, and has only one really close friend. One day when she gets enough of school, she bumps into a charming young man, Harry Styles. Little did she know, that this boy could change her life completely..


10. Soon.


Harrys P.O.V


I woke up again, still with Clara in my arms. This time she was awake, just lying peacefully looking into the ceiling. I moved over and gently kissed her cheek, so she knew i was awake too. My kiss must have surprised her, because she twitched a little. "You’re awake" she said and turned her face. Her eyes were looking into mine, but still it felt as if she was looking away. "Yeah, come on, let's get breakfast" I replied her and sat up in the messy bed, took her hand, and pulled her up with me. We both crawled out of bed, and I put on a black loose t-shirt. Clara looked a bit confused, not really knowing what to do. She was just standing there, wearing nothing but a purple lace bra, and some black undies. My eyes searched the floor, trying to find something for her to put on. An old blue t-shirt caught my eye. "Here babe" I picked it up and as she reached out her hand, I threw it at her face. She laughed and grabbed a white pillow and threw it back at me. I admired her putting on her t-shirt, and the fact that she could be mine, gave me butterflies just by the thought. "You said something about breakfast?" she smiled, and teasingly walked out of my room. I followed her, and opened my fridge when I got to the kitchen. As I was searching for something we could eat, my phone called, and it was Liam.

"Hey Haz!" His happy voice said through the phone.

"Hey Liam! What's up?" I turned around to see Clara's reaction when I said "Liam", but she didn't really seem to care much. She was just sitting on the kitchen counter being... well being Clara.

"Since it’s my birthday next week, I was going to ask you and some friends out for a lunch, would that be cool?" Liam asked me.

"Of course I'll be there, it sounds great" I chuckled.

"Good! You can bring someone if you want though. But um Haz, I gotta go, byeeeee" He almost sang the "bye" and then he hung up.

Having a break from all the tours and interviews, made me miss Liam and the lads alot. They were my 4 best friends, my brothers. 

"So, what was that?" Clara asked, surprising me, because I had forgotten she also was in the room. "Oh it was just Liam talking about his birthday.." I started but then I stopped myself, thinking. I really wanted Clara to meet all the boys, but maybe Liam’s birthday wasn’t the best place to start, because the press would properly find us somehow. I knew that there was this party Zayn was going to in some days, me and Niall had talked about joining, but we never really planned it. Maybe we would all just meet up during the day, and hang out. 


Claras P.O.V

I wonder what had happened, because he suddenly just stopped his sentence, but I guess he was thinking about something. "Clara?" he asked me, and put his warm hands on my lap. "Yeah?" I placed my hands on top of his, and he smiled. "Well I was thinking, do you have any plans for this Friday?" He asked me, and kissed me on the tip of my nose. I giggled, and said; "Actually I do, I have some studying to do with Emily, sorry". At first it seemed like he didn't believe me, and I understood, I mean it was a bit weird to still have school in August. But since I didn't get a good grade in geography and biology, I had to take summer school, or I wouldn't pass my exams. "Oh, how about... Wednesday?" He asked, and flipped his curly hair to the side, since some of it was in his face. "I have class from 12-15, but I don't have plans after, why?" I smiled. "Oh I forgot to tell you.. But I would love you to meet my friends, Zayn, Lia- the boys and get to know them, because they really want to meet you" I laughed a bit that he had just called them "the boys", since he knew I was a fan of One Direction. "Of course, that sounds lovely!" I might have said with a bit too much excitement, and Harry seemed to notice. "Hahaha, I'll talk to them and find out where" He laughed and stroked my hair behind my ear.

It felt a bit weird for him to want me to meet the boys, today was Monday, and I had only met him Friday. Everything had just gone so fast, but I had enjoyed every minute of it. Harry made me feel like I could tell him EVERYTHING, which made me sad, considering that he didn't know a huge part of my life that had changed me. Suddenly i could feel tears coming to my eyes, and quickly tried to hide them. Usually I didn't cry when I thought about it, but this time I guess I couldn't help it. Shit, I thought as he asked me;

"What's wrong?"

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