Yours Truly

The average 16 year old girl Clara, has always been struggling making friends. She has never been one of the popular girs, and has only one really close friend. One day when she gets enough of school, she bumps into a charming young man, Harry Styles. Little did she know, that this boy could change her life completely..


3. She just seemed special

Claras P.O.V:

A huge smile grew on my face when I saw his text. I couldn't believe he actually wanted to see me. And, was this like, a date? "Nothing, what did you have in mind?;)" I texted him back. Oh god, i was texting Harry Styles. I wanted to call Emily and freak out, but there was no way she would believe me. I looked at my wall, witch was completely covered with posters and pictures of Harry and the other boys. I stared into his beautiful eyes, and got butterflies thinking that soon, I would look into them, in real life.


Harrys P.O.V:

As soon as i heard my message tone, I grabbed my phone. This was great, now I could see her again, and get to know her. I dont know why i was dying to meet her, after all I had met for for about 3 minutes, and almost no words had been spoken. But she just seemed, special. I texted her back, asking to meet me at Veeraswamy, at 7 pm. Niall had told me it was a good place to eat, but Niall loves every restaurant, so it was quite a risk. All I knew that it was indian food, so I hoped she liked it. I turned on some music, and waited for her reply. It took her a while this time, but when she finally replied, she wrote;

"Sounds great, but is it okay if we go somewhere... you know less expensive?"

It surprised me a little, but when i thought about it, going to one of the best restaurants in London with someone you barely know for a first date, could be a bit to much. She was brave it ask, and I still just wanted to make her happy.

"Haha okay, Mac Donalds at 7?;)" I added a smiley, because it was pretty lame to go there for a first date. Well, if you could call it a date. I just felt like I needed to make it up to her, since I had broken her phone. I heard my phone beep, and lay down in my bed with a smile across my lips as i read her text. "Looking forward to it :)"


Claras P.O.V:

I hope he didn't think I was being rude, but I couldn't afford such an expensive restaurant, and I didn't want ANY attention from the media, I mean I would think Harry was dating someone if he was at an expensive restaurant with a girl. I decided to call Emily and ask her to come over.

"Claraaaaaaaa!" she ran over and hugged me. 

"Heeey! I have something to tell you!!!!" The smile I had on my face was so huge that it almost hurt in my cheeks.


"I AM GOING ON A DATE WITH HARRY STYLEEEEEEES!!!"  I screamed and started dancing around the room.

"WHAT?! So you weren't joking when you said you met him?"

"NOPEEEE" I screamed, still dancing like an idiot.

"Clara, I don't believe you" She laughed.

"Read the texts he sent me" I said and handed her my phone.

After she had read it, she looked at me and smiled.

"Aww Clara thats so sweet, but please tell me who it is your going on a date with" She looked at me and said. Of course she didn't believe me, but I liked the fact she called it a date. "Argh, just help me get ready" I said still smiling. We spent hours tryng on different outfits, and we finally decided on som dark blue jeans, and a loose white top. Simple, but cute. 

As I lay in bed, trying to sleep, I was just thinking about tomorrow. I had a good feeling about this.

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