Yours Truly

The average 16 year old girl Clara, has always been struggling making friends. She has never been one of the popular girs, and has only one really close friend. One day when she gets enough of school, she bumps into a charming young man, Harry Styles. Little did she know, that this boy could change her life completely..


20. On my way



For a little too long, Liam just stood staring at me, and I stared at him. I was trying to pull myself together and say something to break the extremely awkward silence that had spread, but I couldn’t think of anything to say, and it didn’t help that I was star struck as well. He had a confusing look on his face, which finally turned into a lovely smile. “Oh sorry, Hey Clara! I don’t know if Haz told you, but I’m picking you up, he couldn’t make it here in time” His perfect accent was just as British as it was in all the many interviews I had watched, and I was trying so hard not to just freak out. “I don’t think I got the message, but that’s fine” My voice shook a little, but I did give him a smile, trying to act all cool. “Harry and the others are at his place, do you need to get anything or should we leave?” This time he was the one smiling, and because I did find it really hard to say anything, I just gave him a quick nod, but then realised that it wasn’t a yes/no question. “I have everything” I quickly said, and felt my cheeks starting to grow red. “Great! Then let’s go” He casually walked over to the closest door, opened it, and waited for me to follow him. Even though it was extremely awkward, I just smiled and went by his side. He was such a gentleman, and just as sweet as I had thought.

 As we got closer to his car, I could feel all the dark eyes just starring at my back, and small imaginations of what they whispered about came to my head. I slowly grabbed the clean handle of the car door, pulled in, and carefully slipped into the soft car seat. I could hear that Liam was doing the same, and before he started the engine and made the car move, I got a short glance at everyone else from summer school.  Everyone, especially Sofie and Tessa, those two directioners from my class, just stood there with their jaws dropped, most of them not saying a word.  I hated to admit it, but a little smile stared to grow across my lips, of how jealous they must have been. I knew that it was wrong, but I felt so lucky. Happy actually. It felt all weird, for me, to feel this happy. And it was over such a small thing. Deep down, I knew that I didn’t deserve it, and that thought did take away a bit of my happiness, but I just tried to let it go.

“So Clara, how are you?” I almost screamed with shock, I had totally disappeared into my own thoughts, forgetting all about Liam James Payne, who was driving the car I was sitting in. “I’m fine, but to be honest, I’m a bit nervous” Just as I had spoken the last word, I completely regretted it, Why the fuck did I tell him that I was nervous? Luckily he didn’t think I was too weird, he just let out a small laugh and then told me; “You shouldn’t be. All the boys, including me have been dying to meet you. Harry always talks so much about you, we want to meet the amazing Clara” By the tone of the last words, I could tell that he wasn’t supposed to say that either, but I was glad he did. That Harry really did feel the same way about me, as I felt for him.

I slowly started to recognize the buildings that passed us by, and I knew that we were almost at Harrys place. I felt the car slow down, and my nerves were growing and growing. I closed my eyes for some seconds, about 10. I slowly inhaled and exhaled, taking very deep breaths. Before I got the chance to open my eyes again, the car had stopped. I heard Liam’s feet hit the pavement, and with a shaking hand I unbuckled my seatbelt. My hands grabbed the car-door-handle and I pulled it towards me. It all seemed so dramatic, even though it was just me getting out of a car.

I followed Liam up to Harry’s front door, and as we stood there, me and Liam, in front of Harry’s door, all those nerves turned into little butterflies. The thought of seeing Harrys face anytime now, made my body fill with joy, and I wasn’t nervous at all. Completely without thinking, I ran the doorbell, and stood ready to almost jump into Harrys arms. I heard some footsteps and quiet voices from the other side of the door, and I was just waiting to see Harrys face when the door opened. I saw the handle turn down and was just about to run up and hug him.

But it wasn’t Harry who opened the door.

It was Zayn.

Zayn Malik.

Zayn Jawaad Malik.


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