Yours Truly

The average 16 year old girl Clara, has always been struggling making friends. She has never been one of the popular girs, and has only one really close friend. One day when she gets enough of school, she bumps into a charming young man, Harry Styles. Little did she know, that this boy could change her life completely..


32. Describe


Claras P.O.V


”So how was your day?” Harry’s perfect voice tried to start a conversation, in the little awkward situation that had came up.

“It was okay, but I had a bit of a hard time concentrating, I just couldn’t wait to see you again” I spoke the true words from my heart, and even we weren’t alone, I still tried to be myself. Of course I was myself around Emily, but I just needed a few minutes to get used to the thought of both them being there.

“I’ve missed you” he said, and those words always made me weak in the knees. They were nothing special really, but they meant a lot to me.

I told him that I missed him too, and I think it was first at that moment we realized that Emily actually was there too.

“It’s really nice to meet you Emily” Harry smiled in the car mirror so she could see him. I knew that Emily just wanted to scream and freak out, but I think she handled it very well by calmly answering that her day had been okay.

When we reached the apartment I had been in a few times now, I got nervous again. Zayn was going to be there, and I didn’t know him that well yet, but I hoped he hadn’t got a bad impression of me.


Emilys P.O.V

I tried to walk straight up the stairs to Harry Styles’ apartment, without fainting. I knew I was overreacting, but it wasn’t everyday you got to go inside one of your old idols home, with your best friend who was dating him, and being there with another one of your old idols, who you by the way had slept with.

Harry Styles let me and Clara in, and with it being extremely awkward I managed to sit down and wait for Zayn. Clara and Harry just started talking about everything and nothing, a bit like I wasn’t there. But I didn’t mind. I was so happy that she had finally found someone, who thought her bad jokes were cute and sometimes funny. Someone who would listen to all her big and small problems, always being there to help. A protector, a lover, a best friend. Of course I was so jealous that there weren’t even words for it, but all I could do was be happy for her, and wait for the right boy to come along for me.

As if god could read my thoughts, the doorbell rang and Harry went to open the door. I got eye contact with Clara who straight away smiled at me, and instantly I smiled back. About a second later a tall hot guy entered the room we were in, and I had to grab part of the chair I was sitting on, just not to faint.

“Hey Zayn!” Clara broke the short silence and went to give him a welcome hug, before walking over to Harry who signaled he was proud of her to make the first step. Usually, she wasn’t the type who said “hi” first. Zayn moved his way over in my direction, and when his beautiful dark eyes met mine, I got a quick rush of a feeling that I couldn’t describe at that moment. “Heyy Emily” The words slipped out of his perfect lips just before he slowly wrapped his arms around me.

After his warm welcome hug, the time flew by. Zayn and I got along quite well, and we seemed to have a few things in common. The friendship between Harry and Zayn made it a lot easier, because if it got awkward one of them always broke the silence. It was a bit easier when all five members of One Direction weren’t there. Zayn had asked why they hadn’t made it, but Harry came up with something that seemed like a really bad excuse. Honestly, I didn’t care.

A lovely hour flew by and I had to go.

“Do you know the way home?” Clara asked, and  I nodded and hugged her goodbye. I hugged Harry as well, but when it came to Zayn he did something different.

“I have to go in like half an hour anyway, so do you mind walking with me to the station, if that’s where you’re heading?” His Bradford accent really came to life in that sentence. Of course I said yes, even though I wasn’t heading to the station, but the look in Clara’s eyes told me that I could get home that way too.

So I ended up walking towards the station with Zayn Malik. That was another feeling I couldn’t describe.

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