Chloe's Book Of Survival

Chloe has always wanted to get out of her small village school, she finally has the chance. When she put her first step into her new school there was no welcome or anything like she felt like she was in every single leval of hell


1. OMG

Dear Diary
As I have told you millions of times befor school SUCKS!!! Apart from one thing I'm going to Secondry school finally I'm out of that little village dump and I'll be heading to a whole new world, I will be famous I'll be queen of the universe.

Hi Diary
Today was my first day of school and know one welcomed me and there was this other girl who actuly thought that she was cool, I mean so what if she was head cheer leader and had a TOATLE cute boyfriend named Dannie ( he is a bit of a snob though )
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