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  • Published: 29 Apr 2012
  • Updated: 7 May 2012
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This is the story of Lust. She doesn't get why everyone hates her so much.


3. The start

She had always been a beautiful girl. But first after her mothers hanging, she had learned how to use her look, and transform it into money. She found it a little price to pay, as she always recieved gifts from her lovers. She called them lovers, not customers.

She didn't show up to the execution. She was 20, and was free to do what she wanted. The whole day of the hanging, she lied on the one bed, her mother and she had shared, under a dirty blanket. The whole apartment was cleaned up, as far as the spiders allowed her to.

Three days. It took three days, then she finally left it. The food was eaten, and her mother had left no money. She knew what she had to do. As she wasn't as good at stealing, there was only one thing to do. She had seen how it was done, at the street. Some where young, 22 maybe, and stood and looked seducing. But there where also others. Old women, trying to feed their children, their faces ruined from work and age. They looked devastated, not the kind you wanted to share a bed with.

But Ashely was beautiful. She spent three hours on making her ready. There wouldn't come anyone at daylight, so she might as well use the rest of the day getting ready, she thought.

She filled a little tub, actually more a big bowl, with rusted water, and warmed it a bit over the oven flame.

After the short bath, she dried herself with a dirty towel. The only towel she owned.

It was more problematic with the clothe. She took one of the finest dresses from her mother, a creme colored dress, which cut was old fashioned, and cut over the half of the skirt of, so it was very short. Then she set her hair up, in a beautiful up-do her mom hat learned her.

When she was finished, she looked down and was amazed of herself. Even tough she didn't have a mirror, she knew that she would get at least one customer tonight. She threw a brown cape over herself, to protect her against the freezing temperatures in the night, and walked out of the door.

Dressed up in her finest clothe, but not for a big ball with fine gentlemen, as other. Dressed up for the street.

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