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  • Published: 29 Apr 2012
  • Updated: 7 May 2012
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This is the story of Lust. She doesn't get why everyone hates her so much.


4. Be my sins, I'm your sorrow

After a month, she was near to famous. Every night she walked to the street, the same one every time, so people knew where they could find her. She learned the different types to know. She wasn't so nervous, as in the start. She learned, how to stand, so everyone who merely glimpsed at her thought "I must have this girl". After her first night, she had redecorated the apartment. Customers only needed to see her living room, which now was her boudoir. It was the only place halfway fine, and without spiders. The rest of the apartment was more shabby than ever. She didn't go out often, only to get food. 

Her first customer had been drunken man. Married, the others whispered. He came down often, as his wife was sick.

Ashley was standing on the small street. He came down, and a woman came to him. She was about 25. Easy to see, that she wasn't new on the market. Her blond hair hung loose around her shoulders, and she wore a low cut corsage top, with a very short skirt, even shorter than Ashleys. Her eyes glittered in the dark, as she elegantly walked over to the man.

She whispered something with a smile on her red colored lips. He answered. Ashley looked at them with fascination, too far away to hear what they said. At his answer, the woman looked disappointed, just for a second, but then she again smiled seductively, and nodded with her chin over to Ashley, which looked as seductive she could. He got over to her, and placed his hands on her hips, and gave her a long kiss. Then they got inside the apartment.

A month later, the apartment was different again. A few of her lovers, so she called her regular customers, had given her great gifts, as return to her... services. A big double bed, out of mahogany with a thick red blanket, was the centerpiece of the boudoir, and a beautiful woven rug was on the floor, filling most of the little room. Her old bedroom, was now only containing an enormous closet, containing all sorts of lingerie. Her favorite was a light green body stocking.

It was like her, simple, beautiful -and seductive.

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