Kismet is a girl born for one purpose only: to destroy the world. It was her destiny and only reason for creation, set to happen fifteen days after her 18th birthday. As the date approaches, and a romance blooms, Kismet desperatly searches for a to change her destiny and save the fate of the world.


1. Assignment


                Flames surrounded Ajax as he stood on a single stone, around him lava created the floor and cave walls the ceiling. His eyes glowed a fiery red, his skin ash grey, and his hair replaced with a bald head and black horns. Smiling, he revealed  razor shape teeth, tipped with blood. Suddenly, that all changed and he morphed into a well-muscled 18 year old boy with pale skin with blonde hair and blue eyes, a complete angelic looking person. Looking up, he saw Morphus, nothing more than a frail body covered by a green cloak that shadowed his head, but this was Ajax’s master.


                “The day has begun,” Morphus said, his voice like nails on chalkboard. “It is my daughter’s 18th birthday. Convince her on her fate. She must comply.”  


                “I will do this master,” Ajax said, admiring his new body. “Do you have my payment in order?”


                Morphus nodded, “You will get what you deserve.”


                Ajax smiled, and stepped onto the molten floor. The lava cleared away for his footing as he left the cave room, going to find his target.

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