I am the One

Every one who do diary, writes every feeling he/she felt over the day. In this piece of poetry the narrator is that diary telling what she feels


1. I am the One

I Am The One She Tells Everything To..

Even The Words She Had Never Spoken.

She Comes To Me With An Open Heart

And Touches Me With The Feelings Unwoven.


The Moments She Was The Happiest Ever,

Or The Time When Her Trust Had Been Broken;

When The Sun Was Hot At Its Best..

Or The Winds Were Blowing Icy Frozen..


I Was With Her, I Am And Will Ever Be..

To Recall Some Beautiful Moments Often,

To Make Her Believe How Blessed She Is,

To Count The Number Of Hearts She Had Stolen.


I Know Her The Most, More Than Herself..

She Loves Me The Most, It Need Not Be Proven.

I Am The One She Tells Everything To..

I Am Her Dossier -- A Nostalgic Token.



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