The Uncensored Truth about Childhood

Ever wonder why kids are in a hurry to grow up? Well here's the answer....


1. The Uncensored Truth about Childhood


This is an answer I wrote for practice for my IGCSE English exam (I am sitting for it in a few weeks!) Please tell me what you think, my grade depends on it!!

“Young people are in too much of a rush to grow up; they don’t realize the value of childhood until it is gone.” Explain what you are looking forward to as you get older and what you miss about no longer being a child.


‘You’ll wish you were a child again’, my mother often tells me. Now why would I ever wish for an absurd thing like that? The only thing I am currently wishing for (well, not the only thing…) is to fast forward through the next two years, so that I will finally be an adult, legally.

All you grownups might now be shaking your heads in disapproval, and probably thinking that I don’t realize the value of what I have. What you don’t remember is how lousy it was to be a child, worse a teenager. Who wants to live through those periods of awkward hormonal rushes, with faces that looked like an acne bomb exploded all over it and the worst part… examinations…as far as the eye could see. Don’t believe me? Just ask any other kid. You’d be surprised to find out that the ‘Golden days of childhood’ were not as golden as you remember.

If there was any moment in my younger days that could be defined as ‘golden’ in the most remote sense probably was that minuscule period, after I was born and just before I started school.  Then everyone gives you their undivided attention and finds even the most mundane things you do or say, fascinatingly out of this world. But like Oscar Wilde said, ‘Whatever influence I ever had over mamma (and the rest of the world), I lost at the age of three.’

Once you start school, you know that you are on the highway to hell. Yes, I am talking about examinations. To me school was merely based on a process where facts where crammed into our little minds and then we were forced to barf them out at the end of term, a highly torturous process that we spent a good portion of our childhood preparing for.  I spent three whole years arming myself  for my O levels…that’s three years of my life gone to waste, three years spent with the my nose jammed in a text book when I could have been having the time of my life conquering the Amazon rainforest. Well there’s the freedom of childhood for you.

You know you’re an adult when the Librarian stops asking you ‘Don’t you think this book is a little inappropriate for you dear?’ What wouldn’t I give for that symbolic transformation, from a pathetic little runt to a powerful adult?

So what is the big deal with us kids wanting to grow up? Well there isn’t just one thing which makes it so seductive.  Once you are an adult you are immune to curfew, you could just turn up at your parents’ doorsteps half-drunk after two weeks of continuous partying and no one is going to question you. In fact adults can do absolutely anything and no one is going to comment. Whereas when we do something everyone has a million worthless questions to ask, ‘Where have you been? Who were you with? What did you do?’

Once you are an adult, you are your own person, no one’s rules applies to you anymore. That means no more greens for lunch! What’s more you can have dessert before dinner and no one can stop you! It also means that your parents aren’t’ going to pick your clothes anymore, need I say more?

Of course I guess there will be some part of my childhood I will miss, after all being immature for 18 years, kind of grows on to you, in fact in some it has a lasting effect. The most beautiful part of being a child is that we have the capability to view the world differently; we are able to see past the superficial surfaces and perceiver the beauty within. This is an ability that adults have lost, for them the worth of something is measured by how much you paid for it, and how much more you can sell it for.

 I also honestly think that when I was younger I was able to see fairies, but I am not so sure now. I clearly remember thinking that Hogwarts was a real place, and spent much of my tenth year of life waiting for my acceptance letter. I think that our ability to believe the absurd is beautiful, no matter how crazy it is.  When you become older to believe you have to see, unfortunately most adults are short-sighted. When I  grow up I hope that God will spare me and not take away my ability to conjure wild, fictional mystical concoctions and believe them faithfully, for I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Growing up is a hard choice, we can do it if we wanted to, but we all know one day it’s going to come speeding headlong around the corner. Perhaps like everything else, the answer to growing up is to do so in moderation. But you can never have the best of both worlds.  


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