Jayne died, one month ago last Tuesday. She's not dead now, though- brought back from the dead, like so many are.

Only she's not like the others. Something's wrong.

Very wrong indeed.


1. One


29th April, 3033  

In a hospital someplace?      

I woke up this morning with a start.  Although I imagine if you were watching me, you would not believe that the start had occured. It was certainly more of a mental start than a physical one, because there was only one genuinley physical element to it, this being that I began to breathe.

    No, this is not the story of how I was born... why on Earth should I be recording that? Indeed, how could I be? Quite the contrary, this is the story of how I died... Ish. Sort of...    

 I'm not dead. But I was. I woke up this morning, from the dead. I was dead, and then I wasn't. It's very distracting. I've yet to garner any sense from anybody about my  death.   

  Although I know nothing of the land surrounding me, I can tell, looking out the window, that it's been about a month since I died. This is an abnormally long time for anybody to be dead.. unless... well... y'know, they're actually dead. Like, dead dead. People don't often die, though. These days, unless your body is just... decimated, they can bring you back from just about anything. It's very impressive. Usually, people only die who choose to die, or who we choose to die. Y'know, criminals and such. People don't just die, I know that much. People don't just die for that long. It's more uncommon for people in fatal accidents to die than it is for them to live, though, and so when I awoke with a start this morning, the being alive wasn't the reason why.

     I was startled, and this is going to sound very odd, because I was lying on my back.

      I have always, every day of my life, slept face down. I have never woken on my back before in my life. Never. It's chilling... something tiny, something so, so tiny, but it's wrong. So very wrong.         

Yes, I am alive. But I am not well.  

There is something wrong with me.  

Untill tomorrow,   Jayne.  

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