Jenny was a normal teenager; nothing special, but nothing dull either. At least that was until she got mistaken for Amelia. And now her whole life will change...


9. Chapter 9


"What are you so happy about?" Lydia asked as she walked into the room.

I tried to smooth out the massive grin that had spread onto my face the moment Amelia had cut off the connetion.

Lydia folded her arms. "Well? Have you solved all our problems?"

"You remember all the times I tried to contact Amelia after she ran away but I couldn't because she had blocked me?" I asked, barely containing my excitement.

Lydia nodded. "Of course I do. You were mopey for weeks after."

I scowled. "Well, guess who just contacted me and forgot to re-do the spell afterwards?"

Lydia's mouth dropped open. "No way."

I nodded. "I just tracked her and I know where she's going."

The smile on Lydia's mouth was enough. I rushed over to her and hugged her, spinning her around the room.

"I'm gonna find her Lydia! It's going to be okay!"

Lydia pushed me off. "Get a grip, seriously! Now are we going to save her or what?"

I fixed her with a look. "You really have to ask that? Let's go!"

I'm coming Jenny.

Just hold on.



I stared at the opposite side of the cardboard box blankly.

There would be no more escape attempts. Even I wanted to I wouldn't be able to try.

They had Trina.

I had just made it out of the house, which was really some sort of mansion. But just as I was about to run, I heard Trina scream my name.

The same person who had brought me here was holding her by her hair, and he was pointing his hand right at her; the hand which was glowing with fire.

He told me that if I didn't come back then my sister would pay the price.

What else was I supposed to have done?

Trina was family. I couldn't have done that to her.

I hugged my knees in tight to me, trying to shake off some of the chill.

As long as they had Trina, I was going to do everything they told me.

Even if that was jumping off the cliff.

I wiped a tear away from my cheek moodily.

I'm tried to get away Tom. I thought. But family comes first.



"What was your name again?" I asked the girl.

"Trina." She said dreamily.

I rolled my eyes.

"Okay Trina. Now I want you to listen closely to what i'm saying okay?"

She nodded.

"You will not remember anything that has happened today. You don't remember your sister being here. In fact, you have never been to this place before in your life. Understand?"

"I've never been here before in my life."

I smiled. "Good. Okay, now you're going to take a little nap and when you wake up, you won't remember a thing. Not even this conversation."

She nodded once, then closed her eyes and went limp.

I passed her over to one of the others who were standing by, ready to drive her home.

She had served her purpose.

The girl Jenny wouldn't try anything now that she thought we had her sister.

I turned as the gentle tap tap of feet came sounding behind me.

"You took your time." I said.

Amelia glared at me. "Sorry for wanting to get Thomas away from interrupting our plans."

She looked around, clearly looking for the girl.

"So, where is she?"

I pointed in the general direction of where she was.

Amelia nodded. "Good. At least you got her before she could get away."

I nodded. "When are you planning on performing the ritual?"

"Dawn." She said simply.

"What will happen exactly?" I enquired.

Amelia sighed. "She will drink a slow acting poison so that I may have the time to drain her of her shifter blood. That means that by the time the poison takes effect, she will be a human. If she were to die while a shifter, I would die with her because we would both be from the same world." She looked at me. "Do you feel better now you know?"

I gritted my teeth and jutted out my chin.

Amelia smiled.

"I'll be in my room." She called and she waltzed away. "See you at dawn."

I watched her until she was out if site.

She really was a piece of work.

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