Witnessing The Dying Flame


1. Witnessing The Dying Flame



Life has come at such a stage,

Where he feels trapped in a cage


He has lost his power to think,

But still loves everyone to the brink


Amidst all the rummaging thoughts,

He’s caught in a web of sorts.


Gasping for every breath,

Still trying to gather strength


Nervous faces all around,

Praying for a turnaround


Having given up to this appalling situation,

Unable to cease the aggravation


Hearing the doctor’s final say,

Recollecting cherished memories in a tray


Seeing a sudden glow on his face,

Shook them up from their trance phase


Realizing this as a temporary form,

A lull before the storm


Leaving behind his legacy…. Expired,

Making me quiver like candle fire


Suddenly my throat choked,

Waiting for my breath to be revoked


Witnessing the last breath of a dignified soul,

One who blessed many in the mortal role


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