I'm being followed. She finds me. Talks to me. Threatens me. She wants me to do something for her. Something big. Something important. Something horribly wrong. She's everywhere - in my dreams, in the streets...she finds me no matter where I go. If I don't do as she says, she will do something bad to me. Very bad. Unimaginable. There's no place safe. Where do I hide? What do I do?


1. Prologue

The wasteland that was Earth stretched out before them. Buildings had been crushed into the land, stamped into the fiery floor. Cracks split the land into thousands of fiery slabs, boiling crimson liquid, bubbling between them.

"Polluting their world," the tallest of the five women strode forward and said, "was all they did."

Breathing in and out, the land wobbled underneath them before sliding apart and swallowing up a houseful of dead bodies. "They were intelligent creatures though." She continued, watching the remains as they bobbed up and down, like toy boats on a never-ending ocean. "They created a whole new race, full of science and technology, explanations and beginnings."

They turned around. More and more bodies were strewn across the thick layer of lava that blanketed the world. The sight of a paranormal activity had sent them into a crazed havoc with deadly consequences. A thick stench of burning bodies lingered in the smog that hung in the dark sky.

It was hard to believe that only a few days ago, this had been a small town, tucked away in the beautiful countryside. Now it was a fiery death trap. Any being who dared to step onto the land was sucked down into the fiery core. The five women glided across the sizzling earth, appearing unharmed. No mortal could have survived such heat and power that controlled the land. "But then, they destroyed it." The woman paused, dipping her hand into the boiling liquid, and retrieving it slowly, unscathed. "Power got to their head and they no longer cared about nature, they no longer cared about their home."

"It wasn't their fault." The fairest of the women whispered. "They were...possessed."

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