My life

hey this movella is a poem i wrote last year... I went through half of last year quite depressed at school had a few problems and you know the normal school drama:) Anywayz i'm ova that now got a fresh start this year sooo much better<3 Yh so this is a poem i wrote aroud that time hope you enjoy it:)


1. My Life

My life was high,

happiness ruled,



that was all.


Now that's gone ,

flipped upside down,

when i meet you,

when i felt you,

when i let you in,

My life turned inside out.


nothing anyone can do,

now that the devil rules,

my life is hell,

lonely day by day.


Encompassed by laughter,

i'm on the outside looking in,

watching,tempted to go in.


But what's the point when i know,

i'll be punished ,

back out before too long,


My lifes a circle ,

no way out,

just round and round and round and round,

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