Moody Swings: The Troublesome Being's Personal Letters to Nobody

This is my Diary. correction, journal. im not a prissy little thirteen year old school girl with mixed emotions about a guy that doesnt know me. correction again, i do indeed have mixed emotions. but im just a weirdo with an obsession with normalicy. who said that was a bad thing? But i dont just write little immture notes in this book. i write hard facts that come out of my head.


1. Wed 04/25/2012 11:07 PM

For a girl who has experienced love twice before she was thirteen, my story is miraculous. My life has many different aspects, love life, school life and then the worst of all home life. Lies. my life is full of lies. short lies, long lies, useless lies, useful lies. Sex. my life is full of sex. love sex, daring sex, wanted sex. Normalicy. my life is full of normalicy. the want to be normal, the need to be normal and the resistence to normalicy. Each aspect of my life includeds these things listed above. My dreams are keen and vague but my reality is grimm and unbelievable. all i want is to be able to get my fingers tangled into a guys hair and kiss him, actually in love. i do indeed have a certain personthat i want that scenerio to happen with but the two chances ive had i ruined, first with no reassurance of lies, the second with sex. in my sadistic life, bad comes before good. everything oppside down. lies are honest. sex is noble and normalicy is the way to be. but have i ever thought of flipping that? making my wrongs right? achieveing the unachieved? dreaming the undreamable!? shot higher than anyone has shot!? of course not. life is lust and lust is sluts and where are sluts? america. and where am i? america. but does that make me a slut? possibly. or maybe im just a lost thirteen year old with no roots or ground or support of any kind. i cant blame my faults on another being. my mother never said yes for me. she could say no. but not yes. in my whole life she might have said yes 3 times tops. she is useless. i hate her. now this is not the end of the story my so called friends. it is but the beginning of a wonderous journey that will bring me to my fate. this journey is called life. does anybody know the true definition of life? sure they do. they know there own but NOBODY will have the same definiton of life as you. NOBODY can take what is gone.
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