Saving Me

this is romantic short, with an interesting twist


1. Saving me


It can take seconds or years. For some it may never happen and for people like Leigh it was dangled in front of her and then snatched away. Everyone she’d ever depended on had turned and left. Her father had died and curse as she might, she couldn’t help but feel jealous. Her mother, oh what a mother, had thrown punches, spoons and rocks at her. She couldn’t imagine what life she lived, couldn’t remember. Her family bullied her, she thought about this as she waited for the clock to strike. Her family, who were meant to hold her above their head and bombard her with kisses only pushed her to the ground then sat on her to never let her get up.  Not to mention the bullying at school, all through primary, she thought she could change herself when she got to secondary, make people like her and not hate. Surely someone could love her right? Because she loved them, she loved her mum, honestly she tried to do things right, the way her mum told her to, and she tried to see all the faults before her mum saw them. She wanted to fit in with her family. Leigh had spent years trying to figure it out, it wasn’t her glasses both mum and Alex wore them. It wasn’t her clothes; her and the children from school wore similar clothes, she’d been care full to analyse, she knew exactly what to pick.  Finally she found the answer.   It was just her. She was the problem. The infection. The odd one out. She stared at the ceiling now and fast forwarded her past until the time she thought she was in love. He’d found her, and quickly she’d become his. But she didn’t feel like his. He was older she loved that about him, her body buzzed with approval, finally she had found someone. Ashamed is how she now felt when she thought about how she was, so hungry for acceptance, a demon for love. A tear danced around her eye then it let go and fell down her cheek. Almost how Kaarlo had let her go. She didn’t let the tear reach the ground and she wiped it. She hadn’t fallen to the ground she’d merely stumbled then regained her balance; at first she was shocked that she hadn’t cried or hurt she just accepted it. For a while she thought that it was because she was used to people walking out her life. But now she knew that she didn’t care because she didn’t love him. Life itself after that felt like being constantly choked, her mother had retreated into smashing her, it was the new trend, pick up her wooden spoon and whack, she didn’t cry anymore.  There was no point people just laughed. The only place she could hide was in her books. She got so consumed in them that when the knocks came she didn’t feel it. She wasn’t herself she got to be anyone but herself, for the hours that she spent sitting under the study table, she got to live somebody else’s life. The problem with that was soon she found that even after shed read the very last page of the book, the character was still bound with her. Leigh sighed as she remembered how she used to tackle each problem by running away, not physically but mentally. Leigh sat up. She didn’t have to tell the story about how the marks on her arms and legs had appeared. Looking at her bed side clock she smiled, it was almost time. She knew the next part of her story. Do you know how it feels to fight so hard for something? Leigh’s body grew cold as she remembered her happiness when for once she’d gotten something nice. She closed her eyes and thought of how his arms were perfect, how when he held her it felt like completing a puzzle. Nothing else mattered in the world. She had him and he was her fairy tale. The tears where uncontrollable, she blinked through the sea of sadness and carried on. She was complete, the battles with her family were no longer important they stopped making dents in her heart. Her heart was too full, she was in love. He was her rock he came like an angel to guide her to the light to show her hope, and when she fell. She fell fully; that Leigh understood was her first mistake. Because when she was all but ten steps away from the light he slammed the door in her face. He pulled the ground from before her feet and left her falling in the dark. She begged god to not do this to her again, this time the wound soared and erupted like a volcano moulting her heart.  This time she’d lost everything. It was a pain Leigh had never felt before. Her heart stopped at the thought of his name. It was inside her like white maggots eating away at her intestines climbing, gnawing through her flesh, drying up the rivers of her bloodstream then after piercing her heart with shiny white daggers they violently rise to the surface and burst through her skin . She couldn’t anymore. She can’t take the hurt and the pain. For a long time shed wondered, why her. Why did god choose her? She didn’t ponder over it anymore, at 17 she had taken all of what life had to throw at her, this time she gave up. Because she found herself chocking at the thought of him, she could not breathe. She didn’t want to. She had no more reason to live. The clock next to her chimed, it was 10 o’clock. She took the packet of Cyanide, she knew that one would do the job but she didn’t want to risk waking up. Popping 5 into her palm she took one last look at him, his face. She was sorry but she couldn’t bear to see his face every day and not burst into tears. In one swing she swallowed the pills then lay down, she had only a few more seconds of life.  In her fairy tale, he was meant to come and save her. She smiled and let death carry her to safety

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