A Mother's Love

Whitney Bell never actually got over the death of her daughter Vannessa Jo.After 4 years of the death Whitney starts to act like she has life when cleaning her attic finds a diary of her daughter which helps Whitney to remember her daughter but sometimes Whitney feels like her daughter is there but that is Mother's love.


1. The Diary

Whitney glanced at the picture of her daughter Vannessa she looked so beautiful and she was only 14.Whitney still couldn't believe Vannessa would never come back.The house looked so lonely without her her lively and confident self.Oh Whitney missed her so much.Whitney sighed and opened the attic door dust was everywhere.Whitney looked around the attic it was full of stuff and could see a sparkling Book.Whitney walked to the diary and read the title.Vannessa Diary it read Whitney opened the diary.

Diary it is me Vannessa i have found out i am going to die i have cancer.I'm not afraid of death but i don't want to leave mom by herself.I can't tell my friends or my boyfriend.Diary when i die i wan't everyone to be happy.Noone to cry over the loss of my death.Death is luring at the corner waiting for me to fall so that it can grab me.Death feels like a scary place.I love my life i can't believe i am going to go to death i hope heaven waits for me and god is there.I want to ask him questions like "How old is he?","Will i be reincarnated".So many questions that fill my head.


Whitney reluctantly wiped a tear from her face her daughter had known that she was going to die and still worried about her.She was full of life why did Death grab her daughter away from her and turned the next page there couldn't be any more secrets her daughter was hiding were there a tear fell from her face making the ink smudge. 

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