Things I've Loved & Hated

This is a list poem, which I did for my english class a few weeks ago. Please coment as its my first Movella! Thanks :-)


1. Things I've Loved & Hated

These I have hated...

The screech of a baby crying in  vain and despair, reaching into your heart with its anxiety;

The intense suffering of exquisite pain, that fills you at the loss of someone beloved and dear to your heart;

The contemptuous laughter of someone you know, discouraging and direspecting both you and your confidence.

Yet these things are offseted by the many things that I love...

The rushing stream, glistening in the sunlight, trickling through the intricate crevices and rocks;

The rustling of the leaves as they fall from the treetop, the light filtering through and dappling the golden leaves on the forest floor;

The musky smell of new rain, seeping into the undergrowth bringing the earth to life as the insects scuttle out;

The warmth of a sweet cup of tea, destroying the blight of winter, that has taken hold of the depths of your body and soul;

An iridesant rainbow, captivating your mind with its exquisite beauty;

The roar of the waves, echoing in your ears, and the sault of the surf leaving a tingle in your skin;

The gush of a waterfall, its cold, smoth fingers masarging into your skin and its sweet clear lingering on your tongue;

The spectacular site of a sunset, shimmering in the sky, putting you in a daze with its swirling hypnotic colours.

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