A Blessing to India

This Story is for Our Beloved Sachin Tendulkar as I just Logged in into Movellas !, So I thought if you have a good start that would be great..... don't you think so ? Still I love him to be with us and with India.


1. God came to Live with us

Welcome to India ! The Land of Gods and Goddesses. In our Ancient History, we (Hindus) had a very spiritual history with us which we all have read in our school books and have seen in our beloved 'Ramanand Sagar's Serials. I always believed in those stories fro m my childhood as I belong to a spiritual family and I have always been around this environment. Everyone in my family is used to morning prayers and worships to god and these things really happens in Life, there is one power which runs the world from a back support, I will try to put my eyes on here in next chapters. When I started to watch cricket It was like in 1996 or 97, I have seen only one cricketer consistent and always there for the Nation's name 'Sir Sachin Tendulkar'. When all the hopes were off that god will come again in Kalyug, then God must have been thought that I should be there for having a look at my children's and he took a form of human being as 'Sachin'. Perfection in the work is a real example of god and as we all know Sachin is another name of Perfection. On his 39th Birthday, I give him a lot of wishes for his Birthday and I wish to God that he should not leave us alone and let him see play until my eyes go off. Every record is just a myth before him, all the Offenders just close their eyes, when he plays. The words like Fantastic, Awesome, Blaster, Master and Amazing even are not enough to explain him, Except being an Excellent Cricketer, he is a very simple guy in his personal life too. Being an example for others is achievement but Being an Example for everyone is a form of god, so I wish everyone in our country should be the same and I know that Indians have an extra thing which makes them different from the people of planet and that is 'belief and care'. Again, I wish Sachin a Very Happy Birthday and wish you all a very blasting career, Be a Perfectionist. Thank God for having Sachin in our life and learn from every part of him. Go Ahead and win the world. All the Best.

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