Conor's day with a Mayniac!


1. Mayniac

As all Mayniacs know it's Conor's fantastic concert tonight and i cannot wait! What makes it even better is I have backstage passes and I am going to meet him! I'm soooo excited, it will be perfect! Before I end up dying tonight I have made a plan of what will happen. 

Firstly, I will walk in, and scream like a Mayniac would, it will be amazing! Then i'll faint and he'll catch me and I'll fall into his arms! Then he will fall deeply in love with me, and I will be his forever! Next we will plan a romantic trip to the romantic city of Paris, our date will be a picnic under the Eiffel tower, and we will get married in the Norte dame cathedral. Then we will raise beautiful children who look like Conor who are going to be amazing and have beautiful zoning voices, then we will live happily ever after together in paris! 
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