Working Towards the weekend

Weekend Blues


1. Working towards the weekend

Friday – probably the last working day of the week deserves some mention here. The biological clock in you gets stimulated and sends freaking message to the brain to stop the usual routine. The imp in you whispers “It’s Friday”. But you take that it in a lighter vein and start working.Your benevolent boss in his most generous gesture, delegates all his work of the day to you under “the most responsible guy banner". Sleeves rolled up, you struggle to get the work done so that you could have a peaceful weekend.

           Your seventh sense is sensing some strong trouble now. And here you go. The angel of the office comes to you for some work related help. You suffer from a temporary lapse of memory when she is near you. Unable to come out of the trance even after ten minutes of her departure, you curse yourself and the entire gender for not being able to think straight when women are around .The cool cucumber in you says, “Chillax, Dude, this is Life”.

            The imp in you has now become headstrong, in pushing you to the standby mode. You now concentrate on the urgent deadlines of the day. You system becomes delirious and has now entered the self shut down mode. Oh! I need an outlet. Yuppie!!! Face Book. Let me seek solace in my social Network. Your workplace agony has now become viral. The moment you type your frustration, there is an avalanche of replies from all stressed souls, sharing the same story. Then you travel far and wide, across the length and breadth of your FB account, a treacherous labyrinth, filled with amazing anecdotes from friends, their photo sharing, updates and so on. With a heavy sigh, you sign out and return back to work??!!

          Hardly have you started your work, the imp in you shouts, “I need a coffee break”. You are now near the coffee machine looking for your friends. Friends – They cheer your soul and kindle your spirit. Weekend freak out plans are discussed. You decide to celebrate the success of a friend who is to go abroad on an assignment. Folks! Its Party Time. Animated discussions continue on choosing the place, people, product (Yup! Guessed it right), Price. Wow. The 4ps of marketing holds good even for your freak out plans. Now back to pavilion. You resume work, slightly humming the tune “Where is the party tonight”. Well .I need to organize the people .Let me do it through Gtalk. Alas! Woe betides the human being who signs into gtalk during work hours. You are now caught in a whirlpool of windows. It dawns lately that “I should have entered  the invisible mode and finished the work ". Another half an hour is killed here.

           The progress of the days work is a real sorry state of affair. The post lunch session is even more pathetic.You try to relate your disjointed ideas in preparing the weekly report for the boss. With great difficulty, you are almost done with the work.You think “Five days of work and no play has made me really dull”. The languid lad is now really fragile. Drained out of energy, you quit work completely So the tasks ahead are backlogged. “I’ll do it on Monday.” The imp has had its victory at last. You are now there, sitting still in your chair, thinking of your weekend, dreaming of better times.

“Tread softly, for you tread on the dreams of an exhausted employee”.

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