My Life ends

This is the story of a young girl called Sunday Bloom and how she is taken away forever.


1. My Death

I was sleeping in my bed when i heard a sound i switched on the bed lamp and looked at the windows it was open.I felt really scared so i called for my parents no response.I was about to go back to sleep when i heard a noise.

"Sunnnnnnnday"a voice wailed.

"Who is it"i shouted hiding under my duvet.

"Suuuuuunday"it repeated more louder this time.

I felt myself sweat and felt like i was going to wet myself.When suddenly a hand gripped my leg.

"AAAArgghh"i screamed trying to shove whoever had gripped my leg.

The hand pulled me out of the bed and i saw it was something that i couldn't see cause of the shadows.

"Somebody help me"i screamed as i was pulled all the way down the stairs.

I screamed and shouted.

"You are the fee for my job"a voice shouted as i was pulled outside.

Twigs and stones scratched my skin.The shadow person thing stared at me all i could see were bright red eyes.I wailed and shouted trying to kick free.The shadow pulled a knife out of his hand.

"Please No"i shouted as i stared at the knife descended into my body.

Blood poured the shadow person screamed as they took off the hood they weren't beasts or monsters but my own father.

"I'm sorry if i hadn't killed you they would of killed your mother"my father shouted.

"I understand i whispered.

My father bent down and put my head on his lap.Sorry he mouthed as i took my last breath and left the world.

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