The Long Forgotten Prophecy

When Katherine discovers she is The Chosen One in an ancient forgotten prophecy, her life gets from bad to worse. Then she has to look after the Prince of her kingdom while trying to save the world... There's not even a word for how bad that is. This is the tale of how she saves the world, realises she's not completely useless and maybe falls in love.


1. An average day... Maybe not.

A gentle breeze passes slowly through the tall grass that surrounds the small village of Ashfields. You would never guess it was there since it seems to sink into the countryside that encases it. Except for this very moment.

A local girl was at the local shop for her mother picking up some groceries. She is Katherine, a girl of fifteen with hair as black as the night and extraordinary blue eyes, was staring at her crush Robbie. She has fancied him for a long, long time. It would be nice if he liked her back but that wasn't the case, you see Katherine is very plain in most people's eyes. If you've met her sisters you'll understand. She is the youngest of six sisters and each sister has a special talent. Sadly for Katherine she had none, she is sort of a jack of all trades,  she is good at everything but not brilliant at anything. 

She tiptoed towards Robbie. "H-hey Robbie...",her voice cracked as she spoke.

"Hey Katherine, I didn't see you there..." he said in a slightly confused daze.

"I wanted to tell you something... Y-you s-see Robbie-"

"I'm sorry Katherine, can't we do this some other time? I'm supposed to be picking up your sister right now, we've got a date." He grinned. Even when her heart was breaking she still thought he looked gorgeous with his ash brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She was still lovestruck but it didn't matter now since he was going out with his sister. Curiosity overcame her.

"Which one?", she inquired.

"Anastacia", he replied looking suspicious.

"I'm not going to do anything, Don't worry... and one last thing, I hope your date goes well." she said as she tried to look sincere.I don't really, and right now I'm going to kill her she thought to herself while paying for her shopping.

She walked back to her cottage looking at the sky, the sky was beautiful. More beautiful than me, oh wait, everything is better than I am she bitterly thought. She entered through the tiny doorway to spot her sister getting ready for her date. All she could do was run for her bedroom and slam her door, she couldn't even do that. Her mother Mary practically ran up to her and screamed in her face.

"OH MY GODDESS, CAN'T YOU BELIEVE SHE HAS A DATE WITH ROBBIE FLEINBECK? OF ALL PEOPLE? THIS IS AMAZING!" Her mother screamed with a wild look of excitement about her. 

Katherine tried not to cry as her dreams and her heart were being smashed into a million pieces.

"Just imagine your sister will someday become the Mayor's daughter in law, Annie I'm so proud of you, I always knew she would make something of herself since she is the most beautiful of all my daughters" Katherine's mother kept babbling on of how proud she was. Her mother was always proud of her daughters except her. Finally, Katherine couldn't stay there any longer so she ran to her bedroom.

"KATHERINE, KATHERINE. WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE BE HAPPY FOR SOMEONE ELSE EXCEPT YOURSELF! YOU SELFISH LITTLE-" Her mum was cut off by Katherine slamming her bedroom door. Sadly that didn't cut out the whole conversation.

"Mummy I know why Katherine isn't happy... It's because she's obsessed with Robbie and she's obviously jealous of me" ,Anastacia said with a flick of hair.

"Oh really? maybe she can go for the farmers son, the really sickly looking one. She make a good farmer's wife, I mean what talents what does she have? She not as smart as Maria, or as beautiful as you are, or as musically talented as Thalia. Once she's sixteen she'll only be a burden because no one will have her." Her mother droned on. It's Katherine's birthday on the next full moon, that is when she'll turn sixteen and become a burden.

Katherine tells herself not to cry and to not give them the satisfaction, but all her emotions overwhelm her so she just lets go.

In her dream a mysterious figure cloaked in white floats towards her. It is as if she is wearing light as a gown. She pulls down her hood to reveal her black hair and blue eyes which looks exactly the same as hers. Katherine tries to run, but this mysterious figure stops her.

"Calm my child, I know who you are Katherine. I know you've been shunned most of your life because of the gift I placed on your family long ago.The blessing is to give a specific gift to each daughter that is born, but you are different my dear. Which is a splendid thing since you will be remembered forever when you fufill your destiny-"

"Can I at least ask who you are? I don't believe we've been aqainted, you know me but I don't know you..." Katherine interupted. The floating figure did not expect that, she smiled lightly.

"You remind me of my daughter Theodora, she is the one who started your family. I am known by many names, Lady of the Day, Queen of the Dawn... But I am known to your people as The One True Goddess. I have chosen you as my champion. You shall fufill a prophecy that has been forgotten for over a millinnia. This is your fate. I cannot interfere and tell you the prophecy myself but find my lost Priestess Sibylla. She will tell what to do and who shall be your companion." She says as her voice reminds Katherine of wind chimes.

"What happens if I fail? And where can I find Sibylla?" She says quickly.

"You want to do it?" The Goddess says confused.

Katherine quickly answers, " I was brought up to respect you from my father, if this is your wish and my destiny I cannot change it. It is my path. Now please answer my questions."

"You shall find Sibylla in the royal palace working as a cook, even though she is immortal she still needs to hide to protect herself. It is always best to hide in plain sight. Your first question is a bit more challenging because I'm not supposed to tell you. You ask Sibylla that when you meet her. I will be your guiding light to help you find her but after that you are on your own. Now my sweet It is time for me to leave for the day is coming..." She says all of this daintily and she fades away as she finishes speaking.

Katherine bolts upright and the first thing she sees is Anastacia glaring at her.

"Oh my Goddess, you're such a wierdo and if you ever try to talk to Robbie ever again I will rip your head off and shove it down your neck. Okay?" She says angrily. Katherine hopes she didn't see her roll her eyes. Her older sister slams the door on the way out.

It's time I get ready and start this thing, I won't become anyone's burden.

And so it begins...


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