The Wannabe Singer

this short story is my entry for the Conor Maynard competition. its about Anie who got the chance to meet Conor but didn't know who was he.


1. The Wannabe Singer


15th April 2012,

Dear diary,

            Today started as any other Sunday. I went with Jake to volunteer at the Classic Cars Museum. There were many visitors expected today as sundays are usually our busiest days. The kids from the locale came to visit and i had my hands full keeping an eye on them. So I was glad when the museum was closed for the lunch hour.

            I arrived back from lunch to find this guy hanging around the Reception. No one else was around.  I naturally surmised that Jake was off giving a tour.  So I asked the brown haired, blue eyed, baseball hat wearing young man if he wanted to join the other tour or if he wanted me to conduct a tour for him.  He replied in the negative for them both.  So I went to my computer to research a few information for my new novel.  He did a lot of sighing and posing. Then he started humming a tune. It was not so bad a tune, but frankly at that time it was getting on my nerves! I had a deadline to meet and couldn't afford any distractions. This guy was distraction personified and i was finding it very hard to concentrate. 

            Finally Jake came back and escorted him to the front office area. Phew! I felt relieved! Jake seemed to be a little flustered around that guy and i wondered why. But we didn't discuss him at all as we got really busy with work, giving tours and all that.                  

             Then in the evening at the dinner, I was telling Meg and Selena about this wannabe singer hanging out at work.  I glanced at the local news which was on the TV in the restaurant and said OMG!  That was the guy!  My friends freaked because I didn't know him! My wannabe Singer was MTV’s Brand New of 2012 award winner Conor Maynard!  I had a good laugh at my own expense.  He wasn't a wannabe after all!  He was the real deal!  LOL.  Oh well!  I was very uncool person tonight!


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