Secrets of the Night

This is my entry for the image competition. Please read it and comment on it. :)


1. One Night With Maureen


Maureen fastened the button on her denim shorts and looked at her one last time. Out of the darkness of her room, she stepped out into the bright streets. She walked through the neon lights searching for a spot, a spot for tonight. She noticed that most of her favorite spots were already taken. It was because she was later than usual that day. Still, it didn't matter as long as she found someone that day, or rather someone found her. She kept on walking till she finally found a good place; she walked up to a relatively empty wall and leaned on it, waiting. It was what she had done for the past two years.

She took out a pack of cigarettes from her pocket and lighted one. She looked around her. Bathing in the same light as her were other girls. Each one of them dressed different yet similar. One thing was common to all of them; much skin of their breasts and legs were exposed . She knew that they were also waiting for someone like she was, waiting for someone to approach them. But there was one difference between them and her. Her little secret that they knew nothing about.

"Hey, wanna go for a ride?"

Maureen looked at the source of the gruff voice. The man wore a black suit, white shirt and a blue tie. He had one hand on his pocket and looked at her as if she was some kind of germ. Maureen rolled her eyes at his hubris.

"How much?" she asked blowing out a puff of smoke.

"200 bucks for the night."

She dropped her cigarette down and gathered herself. He led her to a black Mercedes. She opened the door to the passenger seat and got inside the car. The man got on the driver's seat and began to drive.

The Mercedes took off at a high speed. Cool air blew from the front of the car to her face. Maureen passed the K-Mart, the elementary school and the cathedral. No one said a word throughout the way. Finally, the Mercedes began to slow down as it entered the parking space of a building. Maureen noticed that the area was unguarded. The man parked the car in his space and got out of it. Maureen opened the door and stepped out. The man stalked to the elevator and got inside it. Maureen followed his lead. As the doors closed and the two were alone in the crammed space, his hand slowly crept up from under her dress and began moving up her spine.

As the elevator jolted to a stop, the hand gave a jerk and grabbed at her skin, hurting her. Maureen quietly followed as the man began to move into his apartment. The man turned on the light to reveal a living room, which was almost double the size of her own room. Her eyes yearned through the mighty sofas in the middle of the room, the big screen t.v that hung on one of the chocolate colored walls and the expensive showpieces that stood throughout.

Slowly, she moved to the room the man had gone. A huge bed stood on the middle of it. The walls were adorned with pictures of the man with another woman, whom she took to be his wife. She noticed that the man had already taken off his coat and now his tie hung loosely from his neck. His eyes examined her hungrily from head to toe. Maureen sat on the bed and started to remove her right boot. The man sat on her left side and moved his hand along her bare thigh. His other hand moved to the lace of her dress and slowly began to untie it. His breaths were heavy on the back of her neck.Maureen closed her eyes tightly. She bent down and unzipped the boot on her left foot.

What happened next was too fast to be registered properly by the man. A sudden motion, a sharp pain on his chest and something warm seeping along his skin was all he could remember, for the short span of life left on him.


Maureen walked out of the basement parking lot. Her hands were still wet after washing it off on the bathroom. She patted her pocket. It was heavier than when she had entered the building. She knew her way to her place. She had memorized the route while arriving at this place. She knew what was going to happen. After all, it was what she had done for the past two years.

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