In your arms... {Before story to Heartless Angel}

In your arms i will die. IN your arms i will try but live i must. And you i must trust..


1. This is your mission.

We angels are obligated to help those in despair. Guard those whom pray to be guarded. And last but not least, spread the faith and goodness of God. My task is to be givin' now as i fly towards God's supposedly favorite spot.

Just as i have heard, there he sat on the white bench buy the white table. "Ahh, come sit." He said patting the bench next to him. I sat down and he sighed. "One of our most difficult to turn...Your task is difficult. You have protect a girl. From a very violent person....He is more violent than you think. But not a murderer. You will be given a new identity and sent to his and her school (same one) protect the girl from the attacks he is sure to try and commit and your mission is complete. You know the rules." He finished looking at me with his penatraiting eyes. I flinched a bit and nodded. "Yes all mighty. As you wish." He smiled and waved me away.

I flew over to the gates where David was waiting for me.

David is the gate keeper. Making sure Lucifer's creatures don't come in. "Are you ready for your mission?" He asked putting his hands on the big golden, perfectly carved handles. "Yes, thank you David." I said smiling. David was always friendly. It was hard to every be grouchy in his preasence. He nodded and then opened the doors. "Good luck then, see you when you get back."

I smiled. "Thanks." I said and i walked threw the doors and flew down to earth. The girl i was to protect now looked up at the sky and saw me flying. I looked at her too. But she saw me as a shooting star threw her window. I saw her as a tiny glowing lantern. She was my objective. I must not fail....   

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