A Dream Come True

For the Connor Maynard Competition.The story of when Cassandra also known as Cassie goes to a Connor Maynard concert cause her best friend Summer loves him and she gets to meet Connor and finds she likes him too.


1. OK I'm coming

Cassie flipped her long black hair and frowned"No I'm not coming"she moaned

"Please"her best friend Summer whined.

"No i am not coming to a Conor Maynard concert"Cassie shouted

"Oh please you are my best friend and the most awesome person ever i need you there Please Cassandra"Summer begged.

"It was working before you said my stupid first name"Cassie replied.

"Please Cassie i would do anything for you"Summer replied.

"Do my homework for a week,give me 10 pounds and your iPod for a month"Cassie asked.

"Sure anything"Summer whispered.

"Fine I will come"Cassie replied oh why had she agreed to coming.

"Thanks"Summer exclaimed giving Cassie a hug.

"OK come on lets get you looking your best to see Connor"Cassie replied as Summer blushed bright pink. 

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