A Dream Come True

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  • Published: 21 Apr 12
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Blurb For the Connor Maynard Competition.The story of when Cassandra also known as Cassie goes to a Connor Maynard concert cause her best friend Summer loves him and she gets to meet Connor and finds she likes him too.
connor maynard
Approx 3 minutes to read
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1. OK I'm coming

Cassie flipped her long black hair and frowned"No I'm not coming"she moaned

"Please"her best friend Summer whined.

"No i am not coming to a Conor Maynard concert"Cassie shouted

"Oh please you are my best friend and the most awesome person ever i need you there Please Cassandra"Summer begged.

"It was working before you said my stupid first name"Cassie replied.

"Please Cassie i would do anything for you"Summer replied.

"Do my homework for a week,give me 10 pounds and your iPod for a month"Cassie asked.

"Sure anything"Summer whispered.

"Fine I will come"Cassie replied oh why had she agreed to coming.

"Thanks"Summer exclaimed giving Cassie a hug.

"OK come on lets get you looking your best to see Connor"Cassie replied as Summer blushed bright pink. 

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