No words

this is a poem i read in a book (the naughts and croses series by malorie blackman-her books are a to da mazing!!:)) yh so i thought more people should get to kno this poem alone which could of been published separate from the book
hope you enjoy it as much as i did:) <3


1. no words

We had something special,

i still can't believe it's gone,

for once i left your loving arms

everything went wrong

we danced upon a rainbow

and chased the clouds away

but now that your not with me

there is no more left to say


for loves first kiss

no words

just one night of bliss

no words

what e have is gone

no words

it's time to move on 

no words


no one promised us forever 

but we thought it'd never fade

now all i do is close my eyes

to feel the love we made

you were are and always will be

my one and only lover

you held me in your palm my dear

so how can there be another


for long cold nights 

no words

when wrong was right 

no words

i live in the past 

no words

long may it last

no words


And can you feel my heart beat

and can you feel it soar

one kiss one night

was not enough 

you've got me wanting more

you've got me needing more

you've got me craveing more


so here i am without you 

was this really meant to be?

let's pretend we're still the same

in love eternally

but here i am without you 

and it dosent matter why

there are no words that can ever explain

and memories make me cry.


i cant move on 

no words

im not that strong 

no words

i need you so

no words

why did you so?

no words


no words that can be whispeared

they fade upon a sigh

there are no words to sing or say

exept my love

goodbye xxx

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