I never thought i'd meet anyone like him.

this is how i met him.

this is how he won my heart.

this is how made me fall in love with me.

this is how even after he hurt me, i still loved him.

how could i let this happen to me?


1. How?


work had been the same all day. same people. same orders. same weather. it was always sunny in california, sometimes the odd cloud would show up in the bright blue sky. sometimes.

i dragged out a breath as i finished whiping down the counter i was leaning on, serving people. Everyone who ever came to StarBucks was so nice. there was the odd stuck up girl or over egotistic boy, but the general vibe was nice. 

the pencil i used to write down peoples orders was held between my first two fingers, directly in the middle, as i started making a beating sound. one end of the pencil hitting the counter and then the other, getting faster and faster. i felt a presence sit on one of the stools infront of the counter.

"welcome to starbucks" i said, still looking down, "my name is Tori and i-". i stopped speaking when i looked up to see his golden brown eyes gazing at me.

"well hello tori, my names Conor" he smiled. for a moment i was stuck in his daze, but soon snapped out of his unrealistic world and came back to my reality, working in starbucks.

"what can i get you?" i asked, stopping myself from looking at him.

"your number?" he chuckled.

"cute popstar, but seriously what do you want? ive got five more hours of serving people and i cant be stuck with you".

"wow tori, im hurt," he held his hand over his heart, "ill take a caramel frap please" he smiled letting his hand smack the counter.

i rolled my eyes and turned to make his drink. immediatly feeling his eyes on my body. "stop staring at my eyes superstar".

i turned to give him his drink but he was gone from the counter. i blew a raspberry and harshly put the cup down. "thinks he so good cause hes a superstar" i mummbled to myself. "thinks he can just walk away after ordering". i scanned the room to see if he was there. "your number" i mocked his voice. "well listen here mayn-".

i stopped talking to myself when my eyes landed on his, sitting at a table holding a menu in his hand but looking at me, smirking. i rolled my eyes and took his drink over to his table.


Tori chuckled to herself as she thought of the first time they met. Conor was so egotistic it drove her crazy with anger.

"tori honey, you've got five minutes before we have to leave" a womans voice sounded through the door.

"okay, thankyou Anne" tori smiled a little.

Anne is Justin's mom. she was just like a mom to tori too, she remembered the first time she met Anne. she was so sweet and nice, it was kind of hard to realise she was Conor's mom, you know, since he was all swag and that.

She picked up the hair brush and absentmindedly let it fall through her hair over and over again as she gazed into the mirror thinking about what had happened in her life since that day in starbucks.


i let the fresh california air into my lungs as i took a deep breath. i could feel the sun tickling my body as i walked down the street. i could hear the children across the road, laughing while playing with the hose pipe, pointing it to eachother.

i giggled to myself as i turned the corner. my chest hit another, harder chest, causing my butt to hit the floor.

"you know theres no need to throw yourself at me" he chuckled.

i could see his hand infront of my face, waiting to help me up. i smiled up at him and took his hand. he pulled a little to hard and my feet left the ground. his hands went to my waist as he held me to his chest. i giggled and pecked his cheek quickly.

"hey beautiful" he smiled.

"hey" i smiled back.

he put me down and we we began walking next to eachother.

"so, no work today?" he asked.

"nope" i said popping the 'p', "i got the day off".

"so i have you all day? hmmm, lets go" he said grabbing my hand and pulling me in a different direction.

"Conor were are we going?" i giggled.

he didn't answer me. he only unlocked his car and opened the door for me. i'd been dating Conor for about three weeks now. who new he would be waiting for me after i finished work to walk me home?

the car stopped infront of his appartment he bought for when hes out here, i tilted my head to the side.

"why are we here?" i asked.

still, with no words he opened my door for me and motioned for me to get out.

i crossed my arms over my chest and pouted a little, "tell me were were going first".

"to see my mum".

my eyes froze with fear. what if she didnt like me? i shook my head fast, "n-no were not, take me home".

"tori dont be silly, shes gonna love you".

after about five minutes of arguing, i still hadn't gotten out of the car ad justin was just laughing at me being scared. i felt my body being put over his shoulder as he locked the car and began walking.

"Conor please," i giggled, "put me down, shes gonna hate me and then you'll have to leave"

"dont be silly tori, im not leaving you anywere" he rolled his eyes.

"mom were home!" he shouted.

"we? Conor, did you-" she stopped talking when she came into clear view and watched me fix my shorts.

i swollowed the lump in my throat and prepared myself for her to hate me.

"oh my gosh. your tori! hii! my names Anne" she squeaked as she ran up to me and hugged me.

"um hi" i said shyly.

"ive heard so much about you, he doesnt shut up, oh my gosh im so happy to finally meet you" she smiled.

"its nice to meet you too Anne" i smiled back.


another soft giggle left tori's lips as her memory slowly faded away. her eyes set on the mirror as she sat down infront of it, ready to do her make-up.

Tori and Conor had been together for a year and half before this date. this was a big day for Tori. she wished her mom was there to be with her, but Anne was there.

picking up the make-up brush and dipping it in the blusher, tori began to stare at the colour. red.


"i dont care what you said Conor, the papers say your dating her!" i screamed at him, throwing the paper at his chest.

"its not real, its fake" he said calmly.

"and the pictures? there fake to?" i scoffed.

"tori baby, its for the media, its fake".

"dont baby me! why didnt you leave me in california if you wanted to date her".

to stop myself from hitting him i went back into the kitchen of our new house, we'd been living in it for about two months. Conor brought me back to Atlanta when he asked me to marry him and i obviously said yes.

i picked up the knife and began cutting the vegetables i needed to make dinner. Anne and Jeremy and Conor's crew were coming over for dinner so i had to get it done. i could hear his footsteps following me into the kitchen.

"you think i regret asking you to marry me? what part of i love you dont you get?" his voice starting to get a little angry.

"the part were you promise me you love me and then you go and have sex with miss famewhore infront of the papparazi!".

"w-what? we weren't having sex, its a simple kiss"

"a simple kiss? a simple fucking kiss? Conor she was fucking eating your face!" i screamed.

i wasnt even focusing on what i was doing, i was so angry at him i could barely see anything from my tears. i refused to let him see me cry so i blinked them away.

"tori will you listen to me. its for the media. publicity. its not real!" he exclaimed.

"well the pain is fucking real! i dont care if its fake or not. you never told me, i had to find out by everyone telling me your cheating on me!".

"i would never cheat on you! will you fucking listen to m-"

i cutt him off by my screams. i cut my finger with the knife and blood appeared. i screamed over and over again, the pain was horrible. i stuck my finger in my mouth and my legs started shaking, the pain wouldnt stop.

Conor picked me up and put me on the counter top, taking my finger out my mouth and putting it under the cold water. he grabbed some tissue and pressed it on my finger, causing me to hiss and pull my finger away.

"give me your finger" he said.

"go ask her for hers" i rolled my eyes.

he shook his head and took my hand in his, wrapping the tissue around my sore finger and kissing the end. he looked up at me and pressed his forehead to mine.

"im sorry baby, i should have told you before any of this happened" his voice was so soft.

"im sorry too" i smiled a little.

"i love you" he said kissing my nose.

"i love you too" i said wrapping my arms around his neck, making sure i kept hold of the tissue.


Tori's vision became blury as tears formed in her eyes. she blinked and they fell onto her cheeks. she took a deep breath and whiped they away quickly before finishing of her make-up.

the door opened and Anne walked in.

"sweety its almost time to go, you should put your dress on".

without words, tori nodded and stood up. Anne handed her her dress and she took it with a small smile. a feeling in tori's stomach making her nervous. she walked into the changing room and began getting changed.

"ill be here waiting" Anne smiled.


the warm sun seeped through the curtins and landed on my cheek. i fluttered my eyes open and smiled to myself as i stretched. feeling his chest next to me, i turned to see his golden eyes staring into my blue ones.

"goodmorning princess" he smiled.

"goodmoring sir" i giggled.

he stretched out and grabbed my waist, his fingers tickling my sides as he pulled me towards his body.

"Conor stop!" i laughed.

"say im awesome" he chuckled.

his fingers still tickling me, i began to squirm and laugh, loosing my breath i began panting too.

"never" i laughed.

"never say never baby" he winked.

"stop being corny and stop tickling me, i cant breath" i exclaimed.

he lifted me up so i was straddling his waist, he fingers still tickling my body, i laughed as i grabbed a pillow and hit him with it.

"oh so its a pillow fight now?" he said as i rolled off him and got off the bed.

his top coming to just above my thigh, i gripped the pillow as he grabbed one and came towards me.

i hit him with my pillow and ducked under his legs about crawl away, before he grabbed my and picked me up. spinning round and tickling me again.

"Conor put me down" i laughed.

he threw me gently on the bed and began to crawl towards me. i giggled and rolled my eyes at how playful he is. His strong arms pinning my body down as he sat on my thighs.

"goodmorning" he smiled.

"you said that, now get off me" i squirmed.

he moved so his body weight wasnt on me, but he was still on top of me. unpinning my hands, he looked down at me. his eyes were to amazingly beautiful. when he looks at me, its like im so lucky to have him.

he measured his fingers to mine before interwining them together and kissing the back of my hand.

"i love you baby" he smiled.


"i love you too" tori whispered to herself as she finished putting her dress on.

she removed the curtain and walked out to Anne, who was there ready to hug her.

"you look beautiful sweety" she whispered into her hair.

"thankyou, so do you" tori whispered back.

the two untangled eachother from their hug and braced themselves for what the day had to hold. the familiar feelings in Tori's stomach reappeared as they walked out the door and towards the crowds of people waiting for them.

Tori smiled sweetly at the preist as she watched Anne sit down. she nodded slightly to the preist to start before she felt an embrace around her. an embrace so loving and so meaningful, she began to let small tears fall from her face.

"wo are gathered here today to celebrate..." the preist began.

tori blinked a few times, ready for the preist to go on. taking a deep breath, she bit her lip.

"the life of Mr Maynard and see that he is accepted into heaven, as he was accepted into our hearts"

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