Houston..I Think We Got A Problem!

HEY GUYS IM SUCH A HUGGGEEE CONOR MAYNARD FAN! BEEN HIS FAN SINCE WHEN HE HAD HIS YOUTUBE PAGE! STILL TO THIS DAY I STILL REFER TO HIM AS (skillzaisherebooya) PLEASE HELP ME WIN THESE TICKETS! I WAS DEVASTATED WHEN THE TOUR SOLD OUR SO FAST I REALLY NEED THE HELP! ID APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH! PLEASEEE! PLEASE LIKE THE FACEBOOK LIKE BUTTON! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO IS HELPING ME ALONG THE WAY! I JUST WANT TO FOLLOW MY IDOL THROUGH HIS FANATIC JOURNEY! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU CONOR MAYNARD! I honestly want to thank absolutely every single person who has viewed my link, voted for me, liked the page and Favorited it. It means absolutely everything to me to know people are willing to stand by me in this competition. Once again I just want to thank every one again. I appreciate it so much, I really just hope i can carry on my journey.


1. Once in a life time opportunity


I am Connor Maynard's biggest fan. I was a huge fan back from when he was known as 'skillzaisherebooya' This was his youtube name from when he was producing covers. I have followed him from the early start of his career and I will be here right to the very end. I would absolutely love to meet him, his an idol to thousands of teenagers worldwide. It would be AMAZING to actually see him in concert, would by far be the best day of my life. To be able to follow him all through his career and then to see him perform live would make me the happiest girl in the world. I will never ever be able to forget to precise moment he retweeted me on twitter. I bursted out into tears, my mum came running up stairs thinking something was wrong, however when I told her she was just as ecstatic as me. I have brought his new released single Cant Say No 13 times so far off itunes. I'm a truly dedicated fan, I spend most of my time, writing to him through fan mail, drawing pictures of him and admiring all his video's. His come such a long way in such a short time. Conor admires an artist called drake's music, he feels it speaks out to him with the situations his been in recently. In march Drake performed at the 02 arena in Greenwhich, so I went to the concert. But to everyones surprise I turned up in a top I had made saying 'Connor Maynards Mayniacs'. Some people did give me some weird looks but I just wanted drake to know how much Conor admired his mucic. To be able to go to Conor's concert would be a life time experience! Im not just any old 'Mayniac' I'm a mayniac who's willing to stand by Mr Maynard all the way! I felt so empty last night knowing I couldn't go to any of his concerts. I had saved up from may 2011 and when the tickets finally came on sale I was too late. My heart sinked, felt like my dreams had been crushed. I just wanted to support him through the whole experience. When I heard about this once in a lifetime chance to go see him at concert in Sheffield, I jumped at the opportunity. Given the chance to go to watch him perform I would actually be complete, he is such a unique artist who likes to mix things up. No one could ever compare him to any other artist. His such a down to earth boy, I've never really known any artist to be like that. He dedicates his time to all his fans, his also a bit of a comedian. He knows how to perform, he was honestly born to do this! I would be outside the arena from the early morning all the way till he leaves the set. This is such a big opportunity! My family have had a hard few years with my 2 year old baby sister constantly being in and out of hospital, she has a rare condition called Tracheosophageal Fistual and Oesophageal Artresia, This is such a rare condition meaning her gullet is not connected to her stomach so she is unable to eat or drink. But she is such a genuinely happy child. She was born on the 9/9/9 and since that day did not return home until late December 2011. Most of her life she has been spent in hospital admiring Conor's music from a far but Conor has been there the whole way through. She loves wiggling along to his music and believe it or not she now says his name fluently. He now has fans ageing from the ages of 2 years old. I would give anything given the opportunity to get some pictures and put them together in a folder for her. She is my inspiration in life, However I'm one hundred percent positive she would love to be part of Conor Maynard's journey. I really want to follow him through his journey and I'm hoping all you Mayniacs reading this will help me win these tickets. Its a once in a life time chance to furfill my dreams.

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