conor maynard's fan fiction :')


1. conor maynard :)

If i was to meet conor maynard, it would be the best day of my life.  and i would be the happiest girl in the whole entire universe, I would never ever forget the moment i got to see him, I've always supported conor, on youtube when he did a lot of covers. I'm conors biggest fan, T. his voice is so unique, and thats what i love most about him, he's so down to earth, and seems like a boy who most girls would usually go for.. At the moment, conor is the most important person to me right now, because i relate to his songs, in whatever mood i am in, i can gurantee you i'll be fine after i've listened to his songs. his voice makes me go all goose-pimply, and automatically makes me smile whenever i hear him.  You have no idea how much of a big impact Conor has been in my life since he got picked. When i had found out that he had got picked by Pharrell, i couldnt of been more happier for him, He deserves it so much. I'm speechless, whenever i talk about Conor, i always have to think real hard to find the words to say. I love conor so much, and it would be amazing to have a chance to meet him :)xxxx

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