Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Movie Review


1. Movie Review

On the roof top of the Empire State Building, Greek Gods Zeus and Poseidon discuss the robbery of Zeus' prized possession, the lightning bolt. Obviously Percy Jackson is the one to blame or else the whole story line and title would be bland and pointless. So Percy has to find and return the bolt to Zeus before a certain day or war will break out between mortals and Gods (Hmmmm... I wonder who would win??!!??).


So, on Percy's journey to recover the lost bolt he gets attacked by a fury on a school trip. His Latin teacher, Mr. Brunner, knows why he was attacked and that Percy is no ordinary human being (Is this guy a teacher or a stalker?!?) but Percy is in fact a Demi-God (GASP!!!NOOOOO!!!). So Mr. Brunner gives Percy a PEN!!!!!! (Now what could a pen possibly do if he gets attacked again???)


Percy is taken to a Demi-God camp with his mum and yes you guessed it he gets attacked again but by a Minotaur this time. The Minotaur then kills Percy's mum and so Percy kills the Minotaur. (This is a PG right???)


Our "Hero" then decides that he would rather save his mum from the underworld than save the world from TOTAL ANNIHILATION!!!! So Percy and his worthless companions need to find 3 "Magic" pearls to allow them to exit the underworld after being granted free access (there's always a catch). I was less than satisfied by the misadventures of 3 teenagers who don't know how to count, as I don't think they realized that there were 4 of them and 3 pearls (oops!!! Easy mistake to make..... NOT!!!) The hero's failure to understand that 3 is less than 4 is followed by poor "special" effects and dull additional characters.


As the credits roll, parents are left wondering what had they just let their 6 year child watch? A storm of questions brew in their brains with bolts of arguments flashing across their minds, ready to stomp up to the manager and demand a complaint to head office. This was a PG right??? I mean come on 3 murders and a scene whose content is "similar to taking drugs” is highly recommended for 6year olds..... I personally wouldn't let my child see this before I saw it first.  

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