Death Note: The Diary of a Haunted Human

This is the Diary of Anna Welger, a nonchalant teenager who loves being atypical. when she visits her grandma for the continuation of the summer before high school, she finds a Journal in her grandma's attic, that leads to many strange mishaps.....
(This is my entry for the Diary competition)


1. Summer Night; August 4th 2044

Hello Amice,

My name is Anna, nice to met you. You want to know what happened today? Terrible stuff! On my outside people see me as a freebie loving weirdo but in the inside i am not and that is the part of me that i'm gunna write about you. Well Today i did my normal act, act happy and cheery. We had a bbq in our backyard, well my mom's backyard, my parents divorced when i was 5. My crush was there, they are our neighbor's. His blond hair and his  Skateboard just put me in a trance, he is so HOT! Well anyway, i don't think he even knows i exist! He never says 'Hi' or 'What's up Anna?'. Am i invisable? probably! I have to go to High School in less than 1 month and i don't even have a hobby or a boyfriend or a life! Ok, i need to stop rambling...If you think your life is bad, you don't even know about mine. Oh wait! you don't have a life  cause your my diary! haha well good bye Amice!


Anna Welger

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