Realistic Dreams or Drugged Realities

Josh Cloudly is dreaming but he doesnt know he is dreaming, his devoius sister Arianna has given him a drug that puts him into a deep sleep, Josh thinks his dream is reality because his whole memory is fogged because of the drug. He thinks he is in a World called Chimera, Follow him through this wonderous city as Secrets are revealed, love is let loose and problems rule the world.


1. Arianna

I walk into my families sadistic kitchen and grab a muffin, blueberyy to be exact, my favorite food, but i ONLY eat the one in the basket that is the third to the left.

"Hello Josh" My sister Arianna says slickly, letting my name roll off her tongue and linger in the air for longer than it is needed.

"Hi Arianna" I say not even looking at her and busying my self with unraping the bottom of the muffin.

I look up from my muffin for a second, Arianna's deep blue eyes are sparkling and glistening, which means she is up to something.

'The muffin. She did something to the muffin' My coincense tells me.

I look back up to arianna but her red hair is covering her eyes as she cuts up carrots for breakfast. My father only eats carrot omelets and my mother only eats sunny side up eggs with a squirt of lemon juice on the tip of the egg yolk.

Usally our maid Hannah prepares breakfast for our family but she is taking a leave to go to her aunts funeral in Ohio, so Arianna is taking over her job by making the food, she is cooking the omeletsand she placed the blueberry muffin in its rightful place this morning.

Arianna places the carrot omelet on the burner,notmaking eye contact with me.

I shake off my suspictions and take a giant bite out of the muffins side and let it sit on my tongue before swallowing it whole.

The amazing taste of blueberries overtakes my mouth and i place a satified grin on my face and sink my teeth three more times into the muffin until only one bit remains. When i take the last bite my stomach lurches and i suddenly get very nauseous.

I grab my stomach to hold back future vomit.

My head stops holding itself up and i bang my head against the cabinet door.

Arianna turns around and laughs evily. I swallow hard as my whole body goes numb and i get suddenly paralyzed. My whole body falls on the floor in a hopeless lump.

Arianna walks over to me holding the knife she was using to cut lemons, i try to turn my face away from the blade but my head wont budge.

'She is gunna kill me; she is gunna stab me; she is gunna cut out my brains' repeats in my head.

But instead of stabbing me, she stabs the table and all i can see on the table is the wooden handle of the knife sticking out of the table top.

Arianna gets on her knees and coldly whispers "How does it feel to be on the ground, Josh"

She grabs my collar and stands up, slightly choking me. She drags me out of the kitchen and into the hallway, when we pass my parents bedroom i have the urge to scream but when i try no noise comes out of my mouth and my mouth doesnt even open.

She pulls me into my room and pushes me onto my bed and throws my quilt over me and whispers

"Sweet dreams"

And closes my eyes
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