The One That Got Away. (1D)

This is a movella, where i've thought about writing from Gemma, Harry Styles' sisters perspective, 'cause i wanna try something new.


2. Smoking Is Bad For You.

It was today. Or well, in a few minutes. I would get off the plane, and we would get reunited. My biggest wish right right now, were just to run back into the plane. Get back to Holmes Chapel. Not that i didn't like London. But being in London, made me have that big fear, of being reunited. With him. Not that it's enough, that he left me for eight years. He did it, for his young girlfriend, wich i've never met. Her, i was meeting to, today. The girl, that ruined that speciel relationship, that me and him had. Not that it was enough, that she made him leave his family, and friends, here in England, she also got his band to go into solution. My heart broke, the day i saw that, as the title, of the magazine 'The Sun'. I easily remeber, how the tears would'nt stop running down my cheeks. At that point, i already had lost all contact with him. I remeber the time, writing letters to him, every single day. And every single day, i checked the mailbox for a letter from him, but he never responded. My mom and Robin still has abit contact with him. She also gave me his number, a few days ago, telling me, to text him, to say i was excited for meeting him again. As soon as she walked off, i deleted the number. I get tears in my eyes, even thinking about it. He left me. Maybe i deserve it. All the pain, of when he left. The pain, and sorrow, may just be the punishment, of being the child in the family, with flaws. I've always been seen, as the flaw-filled child, the familys black sheep. He was just the opposite. The flawless, angel child, in my moms eyes. And Robins, of course. They always kept telling me, that the loved me, but you could clearly see in their eyes, that the loved Harry a thousand times more. Maybe Harry wasn't the only reason, for my big sorrow, but he were a big part of it, together with Nathan. But on the other hand, he were the one, helping me find a way, to relax, and let go of all the thoughs, and alle the pain. I first considured cutting, but when i held the knife just a few inches away from my wrist, he came in the room, and saw me. As the first person i've ever met, he actually understanded me. That i wanted to find a way, to try to forget about all the pain and sorrow. My ex-boyrfriend. Of alll persons in the world, my ex-boyfriend was the first one, to tell me, that he understanded me. Well it might have been because Max & Tom, two of his band mates, and good friends, also did it. I knew, that smoking was bad. I just couldn't help it.

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