death by your own


1. the start of a new begining...



Everyone stared at me.. i didnt know what to do, i was to scared.. i felt i was cornered and alone, i knew i could never face those big girls at school... they tourtered everyone but they said i was cool, so i acted as if i was one of them, never alone anymore but sometimes having the most popular girls at school your bestfriends wasnt all it turned out to be, when i got home i told my parents that i had made some friends i was happy. The next day finally came and my mum decided to invite the girls over for a sleepover and i was so relieved that they had tried to make a good impression, but really when they arrived my parents thought of an excuse to throw them out, i told him to leave it.... but he didnt and when i got back to school i tried to do my best to act as everything was ok, that we were still the five bestest friends but they turned against me, so now this is were my story starts.

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