The silence of thoughts. ( Witchs, Vampires, shapeshifters and many more mystical creatures.)

Eva and her adventures at a new school. What will happen when she meets Nate and finds out his secret? And will Shopie turn out to be her sworn enermy. What will Eva really be. Hope you enjoy.


1. Why me!


New school again, why I have just learnt to blend into this school. I don't want to be seen, I just want to get high school part of my life over and done with. I look up at dad' his tan face, tall frame and brown locks looking innocently at me. No help there. "Mum!" Mum I pleaded. Mum has to be the prettiest women I have ever seen, blonde hair; blue eyes skin a smooth as silk. People say I look like her, but I have dads skin. She replied it’d be better this time;  you'll make friends easier. Small country towns are better place to grow up Eva.


"Eva wake up your going to be late for your first day". Mum screamed. Great we moved to this tiny crappy town called Forest Glen; all I can see are trees. There’s supposed to be some beach not far from here. At least that's one good thing about the place. Getting up I head to my wardrobe. What do people wear in little towns? As I haven't got my uniform yet, means I'm going to stand out. Damn it! I choose a pair of blue denim shorts and a black singlet shirt, with a black hoodie. At least I might look a bit country. Looking in the mirror brushing my hair,” I do look a bit like mum." Blonde hair hanging half way down my back. Blue eyes like the color of the sky, tan skin and slim.

Chucking on some lippy, mum was knocking on my door, "Hurry up your going to be late!" " Ok mum!" I yelled.

Grabbing a piece of toast as I headed through the kitchen. Mum following close behind. "That's not a good enough breakfast." " In a hurry mum," " Bye mums" giving her a kiss on the cheek as I grabbed my already packed backpack by the door.


Walking down towards the school, which wasn't that far, I had to catch the bus when I was in the city. So it was nice to breath in the fresh air. Looking at the houses on the small street I was walking down seemed old but nice looking for their age. People here must care for them they all looked pretty similar, which was pretty strange. The gardens where perfectly maintained, with little white picket fences.

Looking up I could see the school, damn here we go again. I could see the other kids standing out the front talking and laughing about how they had enjoyed there summer break. They didn't seem to notice me as I slid past them, in what looked like the admin office.

"Hi" replied to the old women sitting behind the counter. With a smallish round face and hair turning grey, she looked up with a smile, "You must be Eva welcome to Forest Glen high, you’re going to love this school where all pretty friendly dear."


"Thank you" Eva said as the oldish women handing her a schedule of all her class and a map of the school.

Leaving to find her first class which was English, great I love English one of the classes she could at least get a A in. The school was like huge stone building. It was if they had been built hundreds of years ago. Eva admired them. Class c4 writin on the front of the building where she had English.

Taking a deep breath Eva walked in, desperate to find a desk. She choose the one closest to the door. At least it was an easy escape. The desks where lined up in neat rows one behind the other, kind of reminded her of primary school. There was a boy sitting on her left which was pretty cute considering, he had a odd looking bump on his nose, brown hair that didn't looked like it had ever been brushed, but I don't think even if he did it would help. And quite a cute smile.

" Hi you must be Eva?" He said, "How do you know my name? "Eva asked. "You moved just two houses down from me, your mum introduced herself to my mum, and I happened to be there and heard them talking about you been in the same grade."

"But isn’t there any new kid besides me? "Eva replied. "Not many people move here, don't think many people can handle the isolation." "I wonder why.” Eva mumbled. "My names Tyler James. Nodding Eva replied, "Cool.” At that the teacher walked in, Wiry looking skin, short man. He kind of reminded Eva of a snake as he slid a cross the floor. He gave Eva goose bumps. She shivered as he approached her desk. "By my form, your Eva Paige, moved here from Huntervill?" "Yes sir " Eva replied. Feeling like crawling under the desk. She knew everyone in the class, know had her full attention. "Big change from city to small town, hope you can handle it Miss Paige?"

Walking back to the front of the room to start his lesson. Damn she didn't like him already, can't believe he did that. I hope all the other teachers aren’t going to be the same, it's going to be a long day other wise.

The days seem to fly, thank god. Most of the kids that where in her English class were in her other classes so can't be to many kids that come to Forest Glen High Eva thought. Could be kind of hard to hide, not like her other schools she has attended. It was like ever kid in this school was like perfect in someway.






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