Little brother trouble


1. Chapter one

'Eww! Get that away from me!' I yelled
'Don't be such a sook' replied my little brother

He was always doing this now, ever since he saw my oldest brother pull the heart out of a still beating fish, and chase me with it.
It happened every time I went fishing with the family, or when he went shooting with my dad and oldest brother. They'd come home with their kill, and Trent would pull out the entrails and would chase me with it or throw them at me. I hated him for it.

'No! I'm not joking! Get. That. Away from me!' i shouted at him
'Hmm. What ever' He walked away, then just as I started to walk away to dob him into mum, he spun around and threw it at me!
'Oh. Ok. Now, your dead' I started to run, and chase after him. The thought of my hand around his neck only made me run after him faster.
'MUM! Help' pleaded Trent.
Oh god, here we go. Great, now I'm going to get into trouble. No! He's the one that threw a still beating heart at me! I am SO not going to get into trouble.
'Mum, it's his fault' I pointed at Trent
'Carla! He's only ten! Leave him alone.'
'Look at what that little Ten year old did to me!' I pointed out the blood smeared all over my left arm. I went dizzy at the sight of it. the blood, it always did. Make me feel queezy. Mum was still yelling at me, telling me that it's only a sign that he wants to play games with his older sister. How can she do that to me? The evidence is right there, she's just to blind to see it though.
'. . . .Just, try to get along with him. . .'
Then I vomited
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