Its all in the game

About Life


1. It's All in the Game

A cup of Hot Coffee,

Awesome chapters of Sydney Shelton,

Peacock feather Bookmarks,

The cool shade of the backyard banyan tree,

The sight and touch of its rich foliage,

Faraway tune of Rahman mixed in the gentle breeze,

The aroma of mouthwatering masalas from the neighbor's kitchen;

The still lingering sweet smile of a stranger on the road,

The wrath and anger of the loved one,

Disappointments to teach life's pain,

Words that could pierce your heart,

and rip your flesh apart,



Expectations, Surprises;

dejection and rejections;

Attachment and liberation,

All the above are part and parcel of life's game,

Play it hard with a single aim.

Each microsecond is Sui generis,

with a hidden spark, soon to perish.

Catch the spark to live the moment,

Divinity is at your hands extent.

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