The End

The stop in the tracks was were my life ended. Maybe it was just dream, maybe it was real. No matter what I’ll never know, because that night I died.


1. Nausea

A wave of nausea came over me. I felt everything blacken for a few moments, and then I could see again. I was sitting on the edge of a big bed. Somebody was sitting beside me, but it didn’t matter. All I could concentrate on was the big window in front of us, where I could see a faint shadow of some creature. The creature was breathing rapidly.

A hand was put on the other side of the window. Green inflammation soaked the window, and the glass started cracking. Small pieces of glass fell down on my knees. I looked down, drops of blood ran from my knees.

A hoarse whisper made me look up again. I wanted to scream. There was a big hole in the window, and I could know see the creature properly. It looked like the back head of a bald man. It was very pale and you could clearly see the veins. A pale hand, with long greyish fingers were lifted. A nail cut through the skin of the face where the mouth should have been. A long bloody gash in the middle of a white face. And it began to talk, or no, it began to whisper hoarsely.

“Hello dears, I’m glad to see you. It’s been a long time, haven’t it? How are you?”

I wanted to go, wanted to run screaming away from there. While the creature was talking the blood was pouring from the ‘mouth’. I started to raise myself from the bed. But to slowly, a long pale hand stopped me.

“Oh no, don’t go! I’ve missed you.”

I could feel the tears running down my cheeks, but the creature had already focused it’s concentration on the person sitting next to me.

“My dear, please take this. Use it against her, if you must.”

I could see the pale hand giving something to the person. When the hand was outside again, I thought I could sneak away, but no. The person beside me, fast reached out a hand, and held my arm in a safe grip. She caringly stroked my arm until she reached my hand. She held my thumb with one hand and took a small sharp knife out of her pocket with the other. The creatures hoarse whisper suddenly came again.

“Don’t kill her. Just give her a lesson.”  I could feel the knife cut my thumb open, I could feel how she stuck the knife under my nail, and wriggled it up, until the nail fell off. I looked down. The nausea came again, but a sudden hoarse scream  made me pay attention to the window. The creature was nothing but air, and the nausea took over me.


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