A Faint Smile

Won Hyunki is a normal teenager to the untrained eye but when looking past the surface, one would see a broken soul with a very dark and sorrowful past. One bright and warm summer day at school turns everything upside down and becomes all too much for him. The faces of the scornful and spiteful classmates, the reminder of an uncaring cold foster family waiting for him at home, the unbearable flashes of the accident that took his parents life. The memories haunt him, not giving a single moment of peace. There’s nothing left to return for…Nothing.
After a slow fall of darkness and emptiness, he finds himself in an unknown place. A place no normal citizen knows of. It has it’s own rules, procedures, purposes. Strangers wander down the mysterious corridors of the facility. But somehow where Hyunki ended up, has a connection to him, a connection that runs into the deepest part of his past.


9. The Inconceivable


What happened” I asked when we had settled down in the car.

Time was unlimited, that much I understood.

“Your mission got interrupted by some burglars”, Key spat the word ‘burglars’ as if it was poisonous.

I glanced in the rearview mirror, seeing Jonghyun smile, sitting in the driver seat.

“To top if all off, they stole the chip. The chip has important documents stored on it, even the contract with the government is stored there. It’s unthinkable to imagine what would happen, if it got out that a place like The Emissary exist.” He said.

I had never thought about that before. My thoughts wandered to my dad…

He had been apart of the Council and he was behind the idea of the academy.

I still couldn’t comprehend it.

The silk dress glittered a dangerous red, like it was on fire. The other boy sat on the bed, dressed in sailor pants and blazer, he seemed much younger now, around 2 years younger. Key had intentionally chosen ‘little boy clothes’ for him to wear and added a little black hat. Apparently he didn’t mind it, he was glued to that device of his, since the train ride, and now on the ferry too. Jonghyun was snooping in the background, studying the objects.

“It’s your turn Hyunki. And unfortunately there’s only the dress left.” Key packed his stuff down in the luggage again. He, himself, wore an expensive looking jacket with some velvet pants. The boy was the most stylish of the group.

Somehow Jonghyun had managed to look older in his Armani suit, with his hair combed backwards.

They shared a look between them, grinning.

I glanced at the dress, surely he couldn’t mean it seriously.

“Come on. Hurry!” Key forced me. The other boys observed closely as I changed; the temperature of the room seemed to rise, the heat suffocating.

I turned to look in the mirror, the dress was tight but loose at the upper part. The wig was itching and the blonde curls tingled at my shoulders. I was wearing way too high heels, matching the dress, red as blood. I limped, trying to turn to see from another angle, my whole back was exposed due to the low cut.

“Oh. We need to fill that out.” He winked at me, and shoved some socks in replacement of breasts.

I was cross-dressing- I sighed. The shoes were unbearable to walk in and made me limp, plus the humiliation was insufferable for I couldn’t walk properly at all.

I fucking hope it’s worth it, I swore mentally.

Jonghyun whistled at me and Key led out a snort.

“Right. Jonghyun, you make up some names.” Key prepared himself, buttoning the jacket, ready to go outside.

The ferry had come to the harbor, where we took a taxi. The commercial banners and skyscrapers were all around. Finally we arrived in Tokyo.

Taemin had tracked the stolen chip into some at-least-twelve-floors-building. The other boys checked it out, finding out that the signal came from the first floor. They came back running to us, as we sat on a bench trying to track the chip. The reception had informed that there was a huge conference going on, about biological science and all scientists from any part of the country was invited.

“Okay, it won’t be difficult to get in. But the thing is, how do we find the thieves, there are tons of people.” Jonghyun pointed at the second floor, from outside the black reflective building.

‘’Earpieces”, Taemin mumbled.

Key smacked his forehead, “Of course! Taemin will give the directions.”

Jonghyun instantly began to search for earpieces in his bag.

That way we could still have contact inside the building and find our way to the thieves.

We each tugged our earpiece in our ears, Jonghyun took out our fake IDs and handed them out.

Taemin glanced worriedly at us and pointed at the screen. It had stopped beeping.

Key stepped closer, “Crap! The signal is weak.”

“Maybe we should hide you in the building, the signal is probably better inside.” He suggested to Taemin. We snuck into the bathroom of the first floor; entering the building had been as stealing candy from a child, with the fake IDs no one questioned anything.

We hid Taemin in the bathroom stall, he sat obediently on the toilet seat, eyeing the device-screen without any breaks. The plan was that he was going to help us from afar, in order to find the stolen object. When we entered what looked like a ballroom, with high ceiling and smooth floors, we decided to split up.

Jonghyun insisted on being my partner, “A lady needs a real man”, he stated puffing his chest out.

Key waved him off, “Whatever. Just remember to act like a couple, I don’t want to hear that one of you got caught by the bad guys. Don’t do anything stupid.”

The last thing we saw of him was his back, disappearing into the big crowds of very formal dressed people.

I adjusted my earpiece as Jonghyun spoke, “Okay, master. Lead the way. Where shall we go?”

A humming voice could be heard from his ear, “Take a … then stop… it’s beside… at the door”.

The boy swung his arm around my waist, leading the way. There was a lounge beside the very long buffet table.

“Look out for anything suspicious”, he directed his gaze at me and gestured to people around us. I perked my ears up to listen to their discussion but couldn’t quite concentrate on one in particular. A curvy lady in a violet dress with white marbles hanging around her throat caught my eye, she stood trotting as if waiting for something to happen.

I squeezed Jonghyun’s hand bringing his attention to me, “What?”

My eyes drifted to the wary lady, “See her?”

He nodded slightly. We stared at her for some seconds, but then she noticed us. Her alerted expression rose panic in me.

“Shit.” I muttered.

Jonghyun took my hand in his, “Quick. Kiss me.”

In total disbelief of the words he had formed, I glared at him, “What!?”

He looked completely serious, his eyes locked on mine.

“Why?!” I added shocked.

“- Because, so we won’t seem suspicious”, his hand travelled up from my arm to my cheek. Goose bumps appeared and an unsettling warmth spread itself through my body.

A million of things popped into my head. The way his delicious brown eyes studied me as if he could undress me with his bare eyes. Quite disturbing but somehow it made my heart ache with want. I tried ignoring what was happening, the heat, and the luscious lips nearing my face, the lust. I instead tried focusing on the strangers around and the low buzz of conversation. But I couldn’t distract myself from the feeling of his breath hitting my face and the fact that he was only few inches away. Our noses were touching, and I felt a tingling feeling in my stomach. The boy raised my chin staring hungrily at my lips. If I wanted to back out I had to do it now, there was barely 3 inches between us.

But I couldn’t, I was frozen like a sculpture, motionless.

Sparks flew as our lips brushed gently. My stomach now churned and made chaos inside of me. Marvelous chaos. The kiss was not aggressive or fierce but very gentle and soft. More a sweet kind of kiss. It felt… Natural. I had unintentionally laid my arms around his neck, like a couple would do. The realization of the event struck me.

The boy had stolen my first kiss.

My first kiss was with a boy.

The boy hadn’t even meant it.

The reasoning behind my kiss was a stupid mission.

It wasn’t even real.

But then why did it feel so good?

I glanced at him, his cheeks were a bit tinted and the fierceness in his attitude had disappeared.

“What was that for?” my voice was uneven and I couldn’t restrain the shock.

The surroundings faded and my senses had weakened.

“She isn’t looking anymore? See?” his brown eyes were somber, as I asked myself if he had felt the connection between us.

Obviously he hadn’t. There was no doubt about his intentions, it was for the sakes of the mission - so people believed that we were a couple.

My heart felt broken and chaotic.

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