The promise ( A Justin Bieber Love story)

Hey guys, this is my first story and its about a girl from NY that is going to visit her dad in canada, just at the day where justin is going home to visit his grandparents.. hope u enjoy :D


1. The Trip

I looked out of the car window, while i started my music, wich came from my Iphone 4s that i got on my birthday. It was my dad who was driving. I finally had vacation, so i could visit him, here in Canada.

We were driving fast, and drove past all the other cars. Then i looked out of the window and noticed it. I couldnt believe my own eyes. Was it real, our was my imagination just playing with me again? No, it was really there! There it was. Justin Bieber's tour bus. It was big Black bus, and there was standing ' Justin bieber believe tour 2012' on the sides. I tried to see if you could see trough the windows, but i couldnt.  "What the hell are u doing Kaity?!" my dad said, when he saw that i had my head was out of the window. "uhm.. Nothing" i said, and took my head inside the car again, while i smiled awkwardly.

"Gosh kaity.." my dad said, while he turned his head around again. My cell phone did a quiet noice, and i saw that i've got an text from my best friend, Sophie.It said  "omg, Justin is on his way to Canada! OMG!<3" I smiled, and replyed " Yeah, i know. Im driving next to his bus! ITS CRAZY! 2 seconds, i'll send you a picture!<3" i wrote and sended it. I went in on my camera, on my phone and took some pics. I sended them to Sophie, and went on Twitter. I tweeted "Driving next to @justinbiebers tour bus! #Crazy dreams do really come true!" I tweeted it, with one of the pictures, and then leaned my head on the window. "Superbass" from Nicki Minaj came on, and i Rapped along with full volume. When my dad saw i turned off my music he askes " Are you hungry?" and smiled. "Yeah, a lil" i replyed, with a smile. "What do you say to MaccDonalds?" he askes and grines, because he already knows my answer. "HELL YEAH!" i reply with an big smile on my face. "Then its is MaccDonalds" he says, and turns down a little way.

I Turn on my music again, and lean my head on the window. Its aleready March, and you can fell that the summer is on its way. We arrived,and i putted my phone in my back pocket, in my shorts that i was wearing. When i went out of the car i noticed a Black bus, but i didnt really think about it so i just ran after my dad, who already was inside.

My dad ordered our food, and our drinks, while i found a table near a window. My dad came with our food, and our drinks and we began to eat. After a while i suddenly hear a really familiar voice two tables infront of us. I look up and see two men, a white and a afro-american. There is also a boy at their table. He has god brown hair, and wears a white t-shirt with an grey hoodie, and some black pants with black supras. But he is to far away that i can see his face. i look up, and while i look at him he turns his head and he looks at me. Our eyes met and he smiles. I smile awkwardly back, before i look down in the table of shyness. 


The first Part. What do YOU think?(: Leave a comment!(;

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