Simple Musings on everyday happenings.


1. An ode to the Chatroom

Welcome to this digital dreamland,

Where virtual souls could shake hands.

High and low, pleasure and pain,

Joy and sorrow, rain and shine;

Anything under the sun, share it here

There is always somebody, ready to hear.

The rich and the poor, the gals and the guys,

The plain and the pretty, the wise and the otherwise,

Join us; happy times are not so far.

You would always say: “I want more”.

This café runs round the clock,

Step in here to sedate your mental block.

Enjoy a little escapade in this maze,

You would never leave the race.

There is always the other side of the coin,

Wanna Explore that? Let me join.

The connections here are unstable and erratic,

So are few guys with their sagas so erotic.

Though the majority come here for a casual flirt,

Few souls stick together as friends with great grit.

Never look in here for a bond so agile,

For the credibility here is very fragile.

Play it safe, That’s the game,

Crazy world- That’s  the other name.

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