My World War

Anna Marie is a young 12 year old girl living in the times of the world war and how she experiences this world war with her own eyes.Please like/comment and favourite for the Diary competition.


1. How it started

Today was like none other it started normal i was eating dinner with my parents and my annoying brother Shark.When we heard sounds dad looked outside and shouted"Bombs".I jumped off my seat and followed mom to the shelter.I sat underneath the shelter which was deep under the ground it wasn't pretty but it had to do.Mom pushed Shark and me in then she followed behind.My dad ran to get some food for us.Mom tried to hide us from seeing the bombs.But i could see our beautiful Germany bombed and blowed up with people dead.Dad didn't come back.I asked mom but she wept till she could.I stared outside to see Dad but i couldn't that's when i knew i wasn't going to see Dad ever again.His messed up black hair and brown eyes the way he treated me with love like no other.I cried and screamed.Shark asked me"What's wrong?".I stared at shark my 5 year old brother he looked so much like dad.I hugged him and closed his eyes.I felt to go toilet but i couldn't.I felt so uncomfortable so squashed in the shelter and it stank of wee and blood.I want to live my ordinary life back.I am so scared and frightened. 

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