A New Lease Of Life

Life has many phases.. When we go into a new phase, a lot of changes take place which we realize sooner or later.. They also give us a new dimension in our life.. This poem depicts all those changes which i witnessed during a vital phase of life..


1. A New Lease Of Life


When I entered this new phase,

It promised to be an interesting chase.


With so many vibrant energies around,

Soliciting to seek a turnaround.


Left with nothing to loose ,

Was even ready to booze.


Met a beautiful soul on the way,

Showing me how to make hay.


Lush green outfields gave a sense of freedom,

Life was not in doldrums.


Even the insignificant things made me drool,

Making me look like a fool.


Got a sense of magical power,

Radiating happiness like a shower.


Feeling I could fly,

Till I reach sky-high.


Meeting cloud nine,

The world was all mine.


Learning the finer nuances of life,

That it was far from being a strife.


Reliving past experiences it felt strange,

Making me wonder what led to this change.


Still searching there-in,

The powerful transition within


Looking for the answer vehemently,

Unknotting the riddle definitely.

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