A World Of Our Own

It describes the way we foresee the world when we are born.. It seems a utopian world with no worries at all.. But as years pass by, we realize the ugly truth..


1. A World Of Our Own


It’s the start of a new era,

A world as practical as it can be,

With the only factor dominating,

Is money, power and ego .


Emotions have lost their meaning,

The mindset has changed,

Everything has a price-tag,

Be it friends, relatives or even siblings.


Still remember those days,

When I was born,

It seemed like a utopian world,

An ideal, impractical and care-free world,

One free of avaricious people,

Only Humble, contentand satisfied souls around,

All these perfect scenarios ceased with time.


With years passing by,

Realized the grueling reality,

When it hit me hard in the face,

That it was just unrealistic optimism,

A self-serving bias which I had developed.


It was a temporary painful ordeal,

Of wishful-idealistic thinking,

Learning from these invaluable experiences,

Have come to terms with this harsh reality,

“There is enough for everyone’s need,

But not enough for everyone’s greed.”

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