Poems on Life


1. Life is all about...?!!


    Life begins with our birth, And ends with our death. Life is not all about birth, Nor it is about the death.   A life is all about... The person whom you care for, Your feelings whom you share with, May be your family/friends/dear ones.   A life is also about... Your enemy Whom you hate, Who always laughs at your fate, For every hardships you face.   A life is all about... Wonderful moments you spent, That most in world haven't, But right now in your memory's tent.   A life is also about... Few bad situations that you met, Which made you hit your head, By thinking-"Oh God... whats next?".   A life is all about... A silly argument with your friend, Which within few days comes to end, And shows your relationships strength.   A life is also about... A minute of a single talk, Which really hurts you a lot, And sees that you stay apart.   A life is all about... The good deeds that you do, Which makes few live for you, And gives you smile that's new.   A life is also about... Few unknowingly done mistakes, That disturbs your mental state, And fills your eyes with tears.   Birth and death are two points, And life is an arc connecting them. The arc may have number of turns, But ultimately it reaches end point.



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