Hello...nice to meet me.

A series of one chapter diary entries, poems or fictional stories about different aspects of my teenage life, each summed up into less than 1000 words.


1. Alone..?

Some situations are horrendous to encounter but there are girls who have to brave through them; putting on strong faces, toughening up for the sake of the others around them. Life isn't a walk in the park; who said it would be? Very different girls are leading very stressful lives. They rely on each other for that droplet of faith that they seem to be lacking...  You'd never have imagined a friendship could blossom out of two struggles; but smiles come from tears, don't they? One can never enjoy life if there isn't hurt to contrast with the joy.  Despite the odds, this friendship did bloom. It brought smiles to two girls as they guided each other through the awful situations they had been forced to deal with. Sometimes, all it takes is a friend to help you forget about the fear and toil dwelling in the back of your panic-stricken mind. Born with faith, born with a smile, born with hope, trust and love. Keeping the things you were born with...now that is where the struggle begins. Did anyone even imagine two people, from different sides of the world, leading completely different lives, could soon become as close as sisters? The help given by one when the other felt like curling up and sinking into the dregs of society was soon reciprocated. The differences bringing them closer as they joked and laughed about the most ridiculous topics, knowing they had someone to confide in. The worries of life are shared between the two, but they are forgotten with foolish plans and beaming smiles.  'Life imitates art' a poet once said, but is that true? Are all pieces of art filled with void and depression? No they are not, they are filled with glee and contrasting shades of bright tints and confident strokes of color. The heart is born as a vacant hole, nothing and nobody is able to hurt it for the simple reason that it does not know the meaning of love yet. To be hurt, you must be compassionate: you must have felt love Letting someone into your life is always strenuous; you should never know who you're dealing with. It could be the worst or best thing that happens to a person. Most make the afore mentioned "best thing" yet some fail to receive the kind of luck which means they encounter many of the latter before finding their true friends. Friends who are hard to come by.  I hope you realize that by just talking to someone, you open the doors to a whole new dimension of hurt, laughter and interest; a new world full of secrets and companionship alongside injury and mistrust. Life has its way of showing you where to go, even if you don't completely comprehend what is going on at the time. Friends are forced your way and soon you realize that meeting them was something much more than a trick of fate: it dawns upon you that you always needed them there, though you didn't realize. Everyone needs a friend when going through stressful or hurtful times in their life. Not everyone is lucky enough to find one.  I was. I found an amazing friend; one who understood what I was going through and supported my decisions as well as helping me avoid the bad ones. Life gets easier when you have someone to confide in. It seems like everything bad you went through is nothing because you find someone who cares; someone who won't judge you for your mistakes and help you through to the future.  Then you break. Blow after blow, the suppression of the pain you feel become too much. All your other friends turn against you; you lose the one person you thought you loved; your parents are fighting; your exam results are lacking; pressure, stress, angst, weakness. And you lose your way. Then you hope -- you wish -- that somehow things will get better however, you are incapable of seeing how. The one person you trust is trying to help you but you shrug them off in desperate attempts to remain independent. You hope to feel secure by yourself. You want to just let life carry on without you and live in the past, soak up the good times before worse can attempt to penetrate your barriers. But, you have to keep faith. It's all a part of writing your story, mistakes are in pen but solutions can be written in as well. Every story has a twist; it's what you do to get that happy ending that counts. You have to work for that ending. Publish your life as it goes; keep your head held high. Everyone needs a friend to support them so you need to let people in. Sure, you'll get hurt a few times, but without hurt, how do you know what joy feels like? My name's Genie. I want my own love story; one with heartache, loss and friendship but overall...a happy ending.

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